Jim Crow era the evil of our history

Image of black politicians after the Civil War

After the Civil War, there were many black politicians elected. The white politicians did not want black people to hold political positions. A way the white politicians tried to stop the black politicians from being elected was by voting taxes. Voting taxes were a tax, given to black male voters who cast their vote. The tax ranged from about one dollar to three dollars.

This is an image of a Voting Tax Receipt in the year 1932

If someone were to pay this today, it would be equivalent to $24.80. This was a very sneaky tactic that avoided taking away black men's right to vote, but making them have to pay a fee that would discourage black men from voting. Obviously, white men were not voting for black politicians, so their only vote were coming from other black men. It is very expensive to pay twenty four dollars to vote, so there were less black men voting because they could not afford to pay the tax. There were no black men voting for other black politicians, so the white politicians were always getting voted in.

image of an all white jury

In the Jim Crow Era, black people faced discrimination in all of politics, whether it was voting, or even court cases. If it was a white person against a black person, and they had to go of someone's word, the all white jury would side with the white man. This is shown in the court case in To Kill A Mockingbird. Atticus provides clear evidence that Tom is not guilty, but because of the racial bias in the Jim Crow Era, they lost the original trial because Tom Robinson is black and the Ewells and Heck Tate are white. There is an example of this in real life, it is the Plessy vs. Ferguson case.

Image of the Supreme Court in 1896, the same year as the Plessy vs. Ferguson case.

This was a case between a 7/8 white man and an Alabama judge. There was a law in place that their was to be separate train cars for white and black people. Plessy took a white only seat. He was arrested and proven guilty by the court. It was taken all the way to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court was all white. Just because he was 1/8 black, he lost the case. They said that the 14th and 13th Amendments did not apply to this case. What I found interesting about this is that they say he is 7/8 white. You cannot be a fraction white or black. Your skin color is one color, and is not half one color half the other.

Image used as a representation of what the police would do if you were caught.

In one of the interviews from the Jim Crow era, it was with a woman who talked about the curfew that was in place for black people. She talks about if you had a higher level of education, the curfew was at 10:00 pm, but if you did not have a higher level of education, then it was 9:00 pm. For a black person to be out past the curfew, they had to have a written letter from the police chief saying that they can be out until some time. If a black person was caught out past the set curfew, they would be fined a certain amount. They then took that money, and used it for a new building for the white teachers that worked at the local white only school. It was to allow them to live in the town, and not out of town.(https://bchs.haikulearning.com/egartside/teama)

Image of average salaries of white and black school teachers, principals, and supervisors.

During the Jim Crow Era, black people were paid less money then white people. This is because they are black and that white people think that because they are black, they are not as good as white people, and deserve to get paid less. In the chart on the left, it shows the average income of teachers, principals, and supervisors. It shows that in almost every single state listed, the black worker made less money. There are very extreme cases in states such as Georgia, South Carolina, and Mississippi. In the second chart (bottom), it shows the reasons why black people's life expectancy in this era were shorter. It also shows that even if white and black people paid the same for healthcare, most black people would not even be able to afford it.

This is part of an image which shows the reasons why black people are dying earlier than white people
This pie chart shows what job discrimination was going on in the jim crow era, most of it was based on race, and black people were effected the most

On this chart, it shows the job discrimination by race. It shows that 96.7% of the job discrimination, is against blacks. So this shows that it was much harder for black people to get a job because they would be denied because they are black. Most store owners are white in this time period, and it would make it so that it was likely that they might be denied a job because of where the job they are trying to get is, and that it would depend on how racist and bias the store owner is. These were also just the complaints. That number would be higher if everyone who had faced job discriminatory had filed a complaint. It also shows that black people were the only people who faced severe job discrimination. This would not happen to white people as much because of the beliefs in the Jim Crow Era. The white people made themselves better than black people, and white people were more likely to hire other white people because they believed that they are better than all other races.

This is a group of black people working on a farm as sharecroppers.

They are sharecroppers. Sharecroppers are people who raise crops for the owner of the farm and are paid a certain amount of the sale of those crops. At this time people did not have to pay the people who took care of the land, and when they didn't, it was practically slavery with a different name. In one of the audio files, it was from a man who was a sharecropper with his father. it was time for the two of them to get paid, but the land owner said he had nothing for them. So they received no money for all the work they put into raising the crops and taking care of them. He also said that it was one of the few times he had seen his father cry. This was a horrible thing, and it is slavery with a different name.(https://bchs.haikulearning.com/egartside/teama)

In this image, it is of a white man putting on what they called black face. When an actor put on black face, they painted their hair and the color of their face black. Sometimes they used masks specifically made for black face. In this specific image, it is of a white man who painted his face and hair black, and left spots around his lips to make them appear bigger. Black face is based on offensive stereotypes, and were used in comedy and used in many movies and plays.

This is an image of an old box of Aunt Jemima pancake flour. It was a normal pancake flour, but the cover art originated from Mammy(mammie), which was a stereotypical black woman. Most people in the world today have either used or heard of Aunt Jemima. Most people do not know that the old image is offensive. It shows that black women are all maids and wear bandanas. Although the image of the company has come a long way to not have these stereotypes, it is still there but in a small way and represents black women in a better way. Not only were stereotypical images used on products like Aunt Jemima, the exact same images were turned into small statue like figures.

This is an image of the restaurant C*** Chicken Inn. It was a chain restaurant which has a very offensive racist word against black in its name. It is just as bad as the n-word, and it could be even worse. Usually in a restaurant for the decorations you would see something like paintings, or pictures of sports, depending on what type of restaurant you are in. Well in this restaurant, it is stereotypical images and figures that were common in the Jim Crow Era. It probably included images such as Jim Crow, the stereotypical black woman, and other rude and racist imagery. By the entrance to the C*** Chicken Inn was a big image of a stereotypical black person. They made it with the very common stereotypes used to offend black people, and it was ver big right next to the entrance to remind the white people entering that they are better than black people.

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