Presentation for IHRM Group Two

Division of Labour

Question One--------------Rafael

Question Two-----------------Eva

Question Three-------------- Zita

Question Four----------------Ray

Page Making----------------Belle

Question One

  • Attain information´╝łeg.customs,religion,language´╝ë
  • Influences
  • Challenges

Question Two

  • Language training
  • Incentives
  • Review contract
  • Provide local representative
  • Explain legal system & government structure
  • Visa information
  • Local information/communities/social life
  • Provide a mentor with experience
  • Show special requirements/restrictions
  • Welfares

Question Three

  • Policy and security
  • Local economic conditions
  • Words and actions by herself
  • Expertise related to oil industry
  • Safety awareness

Question Four


  • International training and development
  • International performance management
  • Law system
  • Political context
  • Employment relations

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