Rufus King (F-NY) v.s. DeWitt Clinton (DR-NY) The election of 1812

DeWitt Clinton

DeWitt Clinton is obviously the most appropriate and fit choice for the office of President of these United States. He represents the Democratic-Republicans, a party which believes in the ideals and morals on which our great nation was founded upon. Putting states and individuals first, a government truly of the people, by the people, for the people, as our founding fathers intended. Through this way and this way only will our country find prosperity and power on a world stage, through the championing of men's rights over that of an abusive bureaucracy. DeWitt Clinton will uphold these values valiantly within the office of President, and will truly become a champion of his people.

Rufus King, pictured here

DeWitt Clinton represents the Democratic-Republican ticket in the election of 1812. Clearly he is the more fit candidate for the office of President of the United States, as Rufus King represents the corrupt federalists, who lack a proper platform and are without appropriate leadership. After the death of their beloved Alexander Hamilton, the spirit of the federalists was shattered. They by no means should be tasked in this time, or any time for that matter, to run the great nation that is our United States.


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