Barbora Stefanova an artsy interpeter at a science film festival

"You don't translate words, you are trying to convey a meaning."

Barbora Stefanova (44) works at the science film festival at the city of Olomouc as the interpreter. She studied literature after a late night conversation about a Russian cinema with her friends, she ended up at AFO. She has been working at the festival for ten years and has been interpreting for 15 years.

Stefanova talks about what does she deal with in her job as an interpreter.
"There are things you learn about yourself through a different language."
Stefanova has to do a lot of research on scientific terms.

"There's a whole room of people who know way more about the topic than you. So I just ask them for help," says the interpreter. Stefanova thinks back the lecture a comic book characters and science. "When I get to the lecture I realised I should have read comic books instead of science books.I didn't know if they were real scientists or superheroes," says the interpreter.

I'm not afraid of loosing my job because of technology. I don't translate repetitive texts.
Stefanova describes herself as an information junkie.

Stefanova has made a choice not to be connected all the time. The most difficult thing for her is to stay focused so she consciously doesn't have a smartphone.

Learning English under communism was like exile. It was a different world and I wasn't locked in.

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