Nova Wilson strikes again! By: Jordan Olivarez

Nova was born in the coldest part of brooklyn possible. Her mother taught her to be strong always and to never let anyone put her down. She was strong by heart and was in breakable. Once when she was walking to school and man jumped he and pulled out a knife saying, “gimme all yer money’s!”. Nova said no and walked around the man. The man insisted that he would give him her money. Nova go upset that he wouldn't leave her alone so she punched him right in the face and knocked him out cold. Once that happened she knew that she wanted to be a detective.

She studied hard and did good in school and for doing that she landed in precinct 5 as a rookie detective. Her first weeks were not good. Everyone would treat her poorly because of her gender and wouldn't give the privileges that everyone would get. After a month she got a couple pity solves and they allowed her to get some coffee. Nova knew that it wasn't enough.

One day her mother died from cancer. It seemed right bit the only thing wrong was...... he mom never had cancer! During the rosary she noticed while sharing last words with her mother that she had cuts all over her face. The first thing that she thought was the cat, but the cat died a while back. She asked her father about it but he never saw that. Nova wondering what had happened to her. "It couldn't have been cancer." she said.

The next day caption Holt said that Nova wasn't allowed to take the Wilson case. It would interfere with her work and that she would be to emotional since shes a girl. Nova wasn't having it, so that night she sneaked into the captains office and stole the Wilson file and chose to work it secretly. She told her self that no one would find out and it wouldn't be noticeable.

The next day early in the morning she went to her parents house to go check it out before any other officer. Her dad answered the door.

(D): "what is it honey?"

(N): "I'm here to ask you a couple of questions on moms death."

D: "She died of cancer what is there to ask?

N: "I have a feeling it wasn't cancer. Did you look at her in the casket?

D: "Yes she look as beautiful as ever."

N: "Besides that did you notice how she had all those scratches on her?" I knew i was getting to him because right when i said that he started to sweat.

D: "What scratches honey, Ugh its time for my afternoon nap!"

He shut the door on me. hmmmm that was pretty weird.

After that incident it got really weird with my dad. he wouldn't talk to me at all. After that i decided to go talk to the neighbors and try go see what they saw. Mr.Johnson said, "Before you mothers incidents, which I'm very sorry about, I saw you dad leave with a largely sized bag and he seem to be struggling. I have video footage if you need." That exactly what i need, proof! I followed him to the back and he help the door open for my. I walk in and said, "Wow pretty high tech for an apartment comp-UGH!"

I woke up in the same room with rope over me and tape on my mouth, legs and arms. I thought to myself, "It was him!" He walked in and took off the tape around my mouth.

J: "Ohf, i hit you hard didn't I?

N: "You piece of crap it was you wasn't it!

J: "No really. I hated your mom so much that i couldn't take it anymore!"

N: "Take what! What did she ever do to you!

J: "He stupid cat attacked me and I had to go get stitches on my face. it ruined my dating life and my own life.

N: "That is so you took he life for it."

J: "oh Nonono, I could never do that to a little old women, the cat did."

N: "How in the world did you do th-." He put the tape back on me.

J: "I've said to much."

Looks like that the end for Nova Wilson. 3 months later they cracked the case and arrested Mr.Johnson, but once they found Nova she was already 1 month dead. They buried Nova with pride and buried a peace metal with he casket. She was buried with her mother and they rested peacefully.

If you were wondering the dad was gay cheating on his wife.










Happy couple:

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