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What is Moleque de Ideias?

Moleque de Ideias is a workplace and small community of dedicated and talented people are no strict divisions between the areas of activity and ideas flow freely from the most unexpected sources. This is also the experience of the professional software development department, ideas and opportunities come when they do and an open organization like Moleque de Ideias can assimilate them and make unexpected things happen in an easy way.

Moleque de Ideias was formed twenty one years ago by partners Leila Pais de Miranda, Nilton Lessa and Luís Eugênio Pacheco to work with technology and kids. Moleque de Ideias was born as a software engineering company that from the beginning was conceived as a space where children and teens can attend and develop their own projects. "We are a company that recognizes that the power of digital technologies exponentially expand the human potential to meet the world and interact with it, and we believe that children from small can live with this technology and grow with it. Not only as users of systems developed by others, but as creators themselves".

There is a strong commitment not to institutionalize the various parts of all that happens and to remain creative and to let things grow naturally.

There is also a sense that things happen for the best if you let them.

The Moleque new locality has great possibilities for urban agriculture. There is a green roof and a big garden with room for all sorts of spices, legumes, berries and citrus trees. There are plans for a fish-farming project with Tilapia fish and/or shrimps. There are also plans for a smoking facility for the fish and bacon, hams or sausage. And to have a chicken family.

There are several types of composting to service the growing spaces. This is combined with beekeeping and minhocas (worms) that produce excellent fertilizer out of kitchen waste.

Many activities with the kids

The work with the kids

Children are welcome, since they are really young. Mostly from four years old, but there is no real limit. The main objective is to cherish their self-esteem, let them have their own ideas and interact with them in a responsible, nice and friendly way. We work with them so they have what they need to flourish, making friends and in peace with nature. There is a lot of hardware and software in different areas of knowledge, an Electronics FabLab, tools and different construction kits on many levels and styles. Possibilities for advanced computer use, graphics work, photography, robotics, microscope use and much more.

Groups at Moleque de Ideias have around 8 children and various adults of different education, expertise and interests. Each adult brings their personal background to enrich the children's projects and help them develop their knowledge.

The children organize themselves in taking into consideration what they wish to do and the resources available and they set out to perform their ideas. This way they live the multidisciplinary production process, interact with other children and adults, deal with the organization of knowledge and develop their critical sense and their creativity.

And, most importantly, they widen their self-knowledge and self-love, getting in touch with their talents.

The children use many competences to make their ideas feasible. They imagine websites and blogs, animation videos, they produce films, robots, simulations, they write songs, create choreographies with special effects, they learn about sustainability and urban agriculture and much more! Anything that comes to the imagination and that is possible in the creation diversified environment at Moleque de Ideias.

The work is destined to children who want to pass freely through all the areas of creative expression.

Since 1996 Moleque de Ideias has been intensively writing, photographing and recording the work sessions with the children. Moleque keeps studying these records and has developed a system to follow their knowledge development.

Moleque has a high standard of software engineering

Moleque de Ideias develops, since 1996, activities in the educational and software engineering areas. In the educational area it is one of the references in the specialized world of non-hierarchic learning and informal learning environments. In the software engineering area it develops systems of critical missions on the areas of civil engineering, media and social media, knowledge management and e-commerce management. On the dedicated software team there are many years of experience and lots of talent.

In the e-commerce area, Moleque develops proxy systems for payments and systems for automatic product pricing and has great experience on the daily operations of this nature, serving clients like ProntoFrio.com, Extra.com and CasasBahia.com. On the social media area it developed a platform of netweaving, Koiné, which was used by the FIRJAN System.

PROVON - Sistema de Provas

Around ten years ago Moleque de Ideias was contracted to make a CD-ROM based system with the purpose to map industrial professional activities into the competence methodology. It needed to be updatable by the internet, so to update, a web-based system was developed that became the core of the initial version of the PROVON platform.

This gave rise to new opportunities such as encompassing professional certification concepts and mapping these concepts into the competence methodology. As the platform is easily extendable there were other related concepts added over the years. Today it is a complete certification, evaluation and human resources and process selection framework.

Provon is a complete digital assessment system able to adapt to different needs, respecting the peculiarities that are part of the process.

Provon was created for conducting and managing evaluation processes in schools, certification institutes in companies and corporations in selection processes and training. With a friendly and easy to customize layout, Provon offers great versatility for certifications in various environments.

The kitchen


Michael Collan has since 2012 taken the role of crew chef and prepares the daily meals, that are very appreciated by the personnel. Moleque pays for the food shopping, which takes place mainly in local markets. Every contribution, however, is very welcome since this is a collaboration. So is helping with the cooking and the cleaning up afterwards.

The menu has been varied, from Nordic specialties to Moqueca and Churrasco with a variety of meat, fish, chicken and seafood with fresh vegetables and fruit from the markets and Moleque’s own production.

Fresh bread is baked at least every week to eat in the afternoon or for people to take home for the weekend. The garden/horta provides fresh spices, salad, Acerola, Goiaba, Mango and much more

Everyone agrees that is has a positive social effect to meet at the table regularly every day. It is an occasion for discussing activities at Moleque and general subjects of any kind.

The kitchen is a happy place

It is obviously important for the kitchen function to have access to fresh vegetables, spices and fruits. And to be a part of sustainability,

Some favourite dishes are Pyttipanna (Scandinavian-style hash browns with sausage), vegetable soups, fresh Pasta, Churrasco (BBQ), and, of course, things like Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Woks and Pizza. On the regular menu are also Brazilian Moqueca (Fish stew) and Feijoada (Bean stew).

Lunch is served every day

The studio

Good hardware and software

Moleque has a special studio for audio and video. There are good instruments: A USB-keyboard with many applications for different software instruments, two electric guitars, an electric bass, acoustic guitars, amplifiers, microphones and even a virtual drum kit. The last one is a drum sample application that can track drumstick movement through a camera, so you can actually play in the air in real time.

There is also professional hardware and software that can be used for multitrack recording, monitoring and playback with high quality. The speakers in the studio are aided by a sub-bass unit.

The studio is good for playing, recording, rehearsing and practice and composing. Instruments, a PA-system, speakers and amplifiers can also be used on the stage, palco in the garden. During the year there are numerous social activities such as ceremonies, parties and so with the crew, the kids, the parents and the community around Moleque, near and far. There are opportunities for groups and individuals to perform.

The green roof

The house has got a green roof in the restoration with possibilities for horticulture topside. It also filters and collects rainwater, it also helps making the house a cooler place.

An example of a well succeeded idea with the coworking community

Jellyweek Quilt is an E-textile patchwork made during Jellyweek 2012. It was assembled at #J104 - Moleque de Ideias, in Niterói, Brazil.

With forty-two patches made in different places all over the world, it represents something that emerged from collaborative practices and celebrates working together.

Different technologies developed by man over time were used to make the Jellyweek Quilt happen: the good old fashioned mail to transport the patches over the world and hangouts over the web for intercontinental meetings; needles, embroidery frames, irons, sewing machines - well known sewing technologies - and the new conductive fabrics and threads, sound and touch sensors, LEDs, and other electronic components which make it an example of e-textiles: different technologies that brought together people of different generations and previous knowledge.

The Jellyweek 2012 Quilt was done by people working, creating and learning together. From a small idea, we got a real achievement built by the crowd. No central control. Just a tiny idea that grew, because some people liked it and really wanted to make it happen.

People weaved the quilt with ideas, desire, will, happiness, knowledge, material resources and relationships. Every step was documented and shared with the global community. And then it travelled, visiting it's creators and various spaces of collaboration, coworking, cocreation... telling a learning collaboratively story and creating social capital. Maybe not all of it's creators will be able to touch it, but they can surely still feel it's effect.

The eBook "Moleque de ideias - the first 19 years"

For more information, the eBook "Moleque de ideias - The first 19 years" is available for download at the site www.molequedeideias.net

This book is intended to spread the experience of the Moleque concept and to be an inspiration for people all over the world in different communities and enterprises showing how this model can be successful. There is a possibility and willingness also for lectures on the subject.

Moleque de Ideias, Rua Vereador Duque Estrada, 116 Santa Rosa - Niterói - RJ | CEP: 24240-210 www.molequedeideias.net
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