Battle Rope Spot Making of

Nobody would expect that Training with Battle Ropes is one of the hardest.
We decided to work with Fatou Rodnicki for this spot. She gave us a great spirit on the set and it was a pleasure to work with her.
Early in the morning we prepared the location and our Model got some advices, take notes and think about how to implement the instructions into the video. Then she take a moment of silence before getting on work.
Black Magic Design are the cams of choice for a perfect shot and a devil-good resolution. Together with Billboard Film Productions and his head Sebastian Ingenfeld, the result could be nothing than excellent.
It means a lot of concentration to take control of all power and push yourself in the right moment to get the perfect shot for the camera.
Meanwhile it is SHOT 260 TAKE 3 and we're going on.
But after all it was always fun at the set with all crew members.

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