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Welcome, Fall 2020 officers!
We are excited to get the semester going and look forward to hearing what amazing things you and your organizations accomplish! This newsletter is to share important news, upcoming events and deadlines, and resources that are beneficial for org officers and members. Be sure to meet the Student Activities team by clicking the "Welcome Back!" button above.
-- Student Org Team

Upcoming Events & Deadlines

Virtual Involvement Fair

Registered student organizations, be sure to sign-up for the first Virtual Involvement Fair! President's/Primary Contacts/Officers with access to submit event applications can view the blue sign-up button on the home page of their org's OrgSync profile. Your officers can either be available live to answer any participant questions or share a brief summary of what your org is all about!

Picture Description- A view of an org's home page that shows the blue sign-up button for the Virtual Involvement Fair.

Officers with Event submission access can view the "Upcoming Virtual Fair Events" on their Org's OrgSync Home Profile. The blue sign-up button will direct them to submitting information or show if they are already signed up.

Can't make it?

No worries! You can provide a brief summary on how they can learn more information! You don't have to submit a virtual link for students to join.

Can only represent your org for part of it?

Not a problem. Email Asiah.Claiborne@unt.edu to arrange when your org officers/members can or cannot be present so we can make sure students aren't logging into an empty Zoom call.

Did you opt-in to sharing a promo video for orientation over the summer?

Share the video on your org's profile! If you create a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video in your OrgSync profile description, it will embed the video at the location of your link.

Student Org of the Month

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Has your organization done some pretty amazing things lately? We would love to hear it! Apply to be the Student Org of the Month on OrgSync by the 15th of each month for a chance to win a $100 co-sponsorship for your org!

S.N.A.P Chats

Join the Center for Leadership & Service and Student Activities for our first S.N.A.P Chat! S.N.A.P stands for Shaping New Advocates in a Pandemic. Our first virtual chat will cover "How to be an Ally" on Wednesday, September 23rd at 2 pm! Stay tuned on the OrgSync Events page and social media for the link (@UNTleadandserve and @UNTactivities)!


We understand that orgs aren't able to table or promote what they are doing right now so we want to highlight our organizations for #featuredfriday #untstudentorgspotlight!

Was your organization or a member recognized at the state, national, or international level? Have y'all won any awards, competitions, or tournaments in the 2019-2020 school year? Please let us know by filling out this form for a #featuredfriday #untstudentorgshoutout!

Picture Description: Caution sign stating "ATTENTION! IMPORTANT NOTICE"
"An email that was sent to Student Org officers and advisors to follow up the President's email regarding UNT student organization events... At this time, student organizations are not allowed to host meetings or events (whether indoors or outdoors) on- or off-campus. This includes tabling."

A copy of the message can be found in the News section of OrgSync.

Org Resources

Apply for a Student Org today on OrgSync!

Navigating Virtual Engagement

Navigating virtual engagement can be tough! Here are some helpful tips to making your Zoom meetings and activities more engaging!

Check out our Zoom Tips & Tricks Newsletter.

Check out our Student Org Resource web page for Virtual Resources and Activities.

Picture Description: "Student Org Orientation" with blue background and a student's hand showing the UNT Eagle Claw.

Didn't attend orientation to learn about all of the useful information org officers can share and utilize? No worries! We have more sessions coming up which can be found on our website. Wanting to review the Student Org Risk Management Training video? Check it out on our YouTube page! The PowerPoint will be made available on our website soon.

Campus News & Opportunities to share with your Orgs

Get Registered to Vote!

Learn how to become active in your nation, your state, your local community, and at UNT! Check out the helpful resources and information provided on the UNT Library's website!

2020 Election Dates to Remember!!

Early voting September 14-25, 2020

Access ballot information here

October 5, 2020 - last day to register to vote in the November 3 election

October 23, 2020 - last day to request Absentee Ballot by Mail

October 13-30, 2020 - Early in-person voting (Ballot information and early voting locations are forthcoming)

November 3, 2020 - Election Day!!

Picture Description: Flyer from the UNT Library that states "Register to Vote. Where to Register. Self-help stations in Willis Library and Sycamore Hall Or request a registration form in your residence hall. Vote Early! Early voting on campus at the Gateway

Apply to present at the 2020 All for NT/NT for All Leadership Conference!

The Center for Leadership and Service is putting out a call for presentation proposals for the 2020 All for NT/NT for All Leadership Conference.

What is the All for NT/NT for All Leadership Conference? A two-day conference focused on introducing students to topics that enhance their leadership skills and connecting them to other students to create a network of support. The conference focuses on the Social Change Model of Leadership, where the term “leader” can be non-titled or non-positional, but a participant engaging in the leadership process as a group member.

Based on this model, there are three tracks that students can choose from to guide their conference experience: Leading Self, Leading at UNT, and Leading in a Diverse World. This year we will be breaking those tracks down even further through leadership development. Students can identify and practice their skills as emerging, intermediate, or experienced leaders. Our theme for 2020: Follow the Leadership Road: Finding your way at Home, will focus on how leadership is transforming, and how it is presenting itself virtually during a time of national and global social change. We would like for participants to gain knowledge of how they can be leaders on campus and at home. They may be remote, but that does not mean they need to be unplugged.

Date: Friday, October 9, 2020, and Saturday, October 10, 2020

Time: 10 am- 12:30 pm

Location: If your proposal is selected, zoom links and instruction will follow

How long do I have to present?

Three 20-25 minute sessions

Register here to present by Sept. 20th: https://unt.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_23rK5RHx5KtNAl7

Volunteer to be on a Student Conduct Committee

The Committee on Student Conduct is tasked with reviewing the findings and sanctions assigned by the Dean of Student’s Office (at the request of the student) when the sanction(s) result in Level II Conduct Probation, Suspension or Expulsion. If you are interested or would like to nominate a student to be a part of the Committee on Student Conduct, by sending this form to Maya.McMillian@unt.edu.

Volunteer to be a tutor

The Learning Center is looking for student leaders to volunteer for the Volunteer Tutoring Program. This program gives opportunity for students to help their peers succeed in their courses. Volunteer tutors are students from all across campus who are interested in supporting the campus community, as well as developing as professionals and academics. To sign-up, please visit the webpage.


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