National Arts Day By:MicHaela Russell

National Arts Day is held May 19 and is a festival that is continued annually throughout the world. Each large city with host their own festival and will include music, old and new, and artwork of all sorts! Millions of people will go to these festivals to celebrate their favorite artists, actors, actresses, and musicians they love very much!

Arts help us express ourselves whether it's through a song, a picture, dancing, or even acting!

Anyone that is involved in any type of form of art puts in a lot of hard work. They put in all their time and effort in their work for an absolutely stunning result!

Each of the Ninja Turtles are named after famous ancient artists. Blue-Leonardo Purple-Donatello Red-Raphael Orange-Michaelangelo

The average human being can see about ten million different colors!

Listening to music is one of the few activities that utilize the entire brain. Listening to music recruits the auditory areas, and employs large-scale neural networks in the brain. They believe that music can activate emotional, motor, and creative areas of the brain!

A persons' heartbeat actually mimics the beat of the music you listen to!

Stone Age cave paintings were one of the first forms of painting. The paint was made from charcoal, burned bones, and ground calcite. They could also be made from a mixture of different minerals to form a pigment called ochre.

Stone Age sculptures and carvings are carved out of stone, bone, ivory, and clay. They were carved into small figurines and jewelry.

This year Adele got the Grammy award! She won a total of five Grammys. Some including, album of the year for "25" and record and song of the year for "Hello."

Van Gogh was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who is one of the most famous figures in the history of Western art. Most of Van Gogh's paintings were painted in the late 1800's. Van Gogh painted almost 900 paintings in a timespan of 10 years!

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