Detrimental Voters By Preston Barshinger

Millennials are a self oriented group obsessed with self appearance and inward emotional stability. Emotions often cloud judgement and lead to quick rash decisions.
In our generation social media is the pinnacle of influence
Millennials often in a hopes of gaining acceptance or a higher social standing will put their morals and opinions on the back burner not to create any waves or offend anyone.
In our society making friends and being liked is more important than standing up for what you believe in.
This is why crooked politicians can thrive in political races in our day and age.
No one stands up for what they believe in, and would rather let in a popular candidate in than the best candidate because thats what everyone else is doing.
Many have lost hope in the Millennials of our day and age. Our elders have just accepted that we will all be controlled by the media through social media, but there is an easy solution.
Go to the polls with your opinion and express the first amendment, do not be afraid to offend others because your opinion matters just as much as theirs does. If you disagree with someone else instead of lying to them and yourself confront them and convince them to change their vote with facts and reason.
If we focus on informing others instead of trying to manipulate others we as a nation will be much better of for years to come.


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