Entangled Adventures of the Moxee City goatboy - for a day

Like you said on the leaflet that can happen, it happened...


The grey goat kid got caught in the fence, just behind the horse's water tank. There was a little wound with blood, right horn area. It was freakin' out every time we tried to push his head back through. We were freakin out because of that lil' blood...

You would probably manage it right there, but we had no option, and made a single cut into the fence - hope we didnt ruin it... The goat recovered fine, and its mother was more than greatfull to us.

Saturday Afternoon

We noticed the goats went over to the neighbor side of fence (on the left), but we managed to lead them back, through the same hole hole they first went. Later we saw that the lady left a message on your answering machine, regarding the incident - but the action was already taken, so we didnt call back...

chillin' while brisket is grillin' - THANK YOU FOR THE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO


is a great dog. He actually captured a mouse, among the three adult cats sitting around the area where the chickens are...

Chickens produced good, and we took some back home, we also filled the jar with rapsberries. Zvezdana made you something for the snacks...

T H A N K S ! ! !

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ugljesa mileta

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