what is the first mathematician knew in the history?

who we know that?
the first civilation to use the matematics is india an egypt, we hate matematics beacause the matemathics are very dificult because he got a lot of operations and problems

The mathematical instruments used included a precise rule decimal with small subdivisions and precise, structures to measure 8 to 12 full sections of the horizon and sky, and an instrument for the measurement of the positions of the stars for navigation.

This civilization developed a uniform system of weights and measures that used the system decimal, a surprisingly advanced technology with bricks to represent reasons and a series of geometric shapes and designs, including cuboids, barrels, cones, cylinders and designs of circles and concentric triangles.

in reality the maths are more important because in your life you use the equals, deducts, portents... but in maths class we learn the vectors, algebra, equations... because you will choose a maths career or physic career... or a normal life.


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