Project NK Cody snyder

Problem Statement: We must power a GoKart using a dewalt 12V drill. We must complete this task within our 3 month period. The only materials that we are provided is a 3/4'' piece of plywood and many various resources such as screws and glue. We also maintain a $25 budget that may be used however we desire. This cart must be strong, fast, and long lasting to win all of the courses.

This is our research.
These were our initial brainstorming ideas about the GoKart.
On this day we created code for our Kart.
The Front chassis was recreated multiple times to find the ideal size.
We talked about how to incorporate the 4 wheel drive in a more typical design.
This was yet another branch of idea.
We created a GoKart sketch including the pedals and the steering wheel showing most of the mechanics.
The seat and axle are both shown in the measurements of how far from the back they are in.
We have three pedals: Brake, Forward drive, Rear Drive.
The steering wheel system was designed to be ideal for all of my group members. We all have taken measurements and averaged out the best possible solution.
Here is my ugly partner Brandon during our build period.
We chopped the tabs using a chisel.
Here, I ensured that the Mortis and Tennon Joints fit together tightly.
Here, we added the BMW logo to the front to show the amount of quality in our build.
We also added a BMW logo to the back so that when we pass people they can cry about it.

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