A young American's Dream By: Megan vasquez

The American Dream was commonly known for having overly perfect standards, for an American family. Yet many thought it was a Dream in that time, I think it's a total nightmare. Women were portrayed to be so gentle and kind, like they needed a man to do things for them. They never worked, they just cook,cleaned, and took care of the kids. They never portrayed them to be hard workers or even to be the ones making the money. Another thing that bothers me was the fact that there was never an issue. Sure the kids would argue with their siblings but there were never no ' real' issues . Such as the kids being rebellious, going to parties or the ' love hill' (whatever they called it). There was never an issue between the parents either , like divorce, financial issues, or even just a jealous wife being skeptical towards her husbands secretary. ( because there were always secretaries 🙄)

The typical portrayal of an ' American Dream ' family

Personally I believe that the ' American Dream ' is something truly special that can't be represented by such material items. The American Dream should be a portrayal of the family succeeding together. The American Dream might be different to many people, it's on how they view it. I think that the American Dream is achieving your life long goal, or even getting the job you wanted. It should be free living, with equality to all. I'm not saying that image from the 1950's was not it, but is that image all we are going to limit our ' Dream' to? Don't you think it should be something much more amazing?

Why don't we do the future generations a favor and stray away from that artificial outlook on life.

Freedom is the Oxygen of the soul so take a deep breath

Many limit themselves and their dreams due to what the world and society tells them. My ' American Dream' isn't going to be limited,it's going to rise even above my expectations. I'm pretty sure that's why they call it a Dream. That means that it's going to be something perfect, or something above any standard.

So why not indulge in the Dream, because if it's a Dream then it should be something you want or desire. Yet it's the motivation and need that will help you achieve it, so don't limit yourself and don't limit your Dream.


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