Aim High School Student supply list

General Supply List for All Classes

Pencil Case or Pencil Bag - #2 Pencils - Blue or Black Pens - Head phones (Sony MDRZX100 ZX Headphones are good noise canceling headphones and run about $20) - Water bottle (bring one so it is easier to track and label w/ name w/ a sharpie) - Spiral Notebook (for math class) - Scientific Calculator to minimize sharing - Graphing Calculator (Ti 83 or 89) is recommended but not required until Algebra 2. * We strongly recommend your student bring their own laptop or IPAD/Typing Device to minimize sharing items.

Gym Supply List

At least 2 sets of gym clothes - Gym Shoes - Socks - Water Bottle (level w/ name) - Deodorant (this is important!)

Art Supply List

1) Drawing Pencils 2H -8B 2) Grey Kneaded eraser 3) pencil sharpener 4) sketch book 5) rubber eraser 6) plastic tub/art bag to hold supplies 7) colored pencils. * You can order items 1-5 as a set on Amazon by clicking here.

Digital Art

SD card 16Gb or larger - Storage pocket folder - Colored pencils

Video Production

SD card 16Gb or larger

Everyday Consumer Math

Spiral notebook - Pencils - Blue or Black Pens - Carpenters tape measure

Personal Finance

Interview clothing - Check Registry - Phone - Accordion File Folder


Graphing Calculator (Ti 83 or 89)