Minutes 11/21/2017 Senate Secretary, Kara Donovan

  • Call to order
  • Invocation by Senator Brock
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll Call by Secretary Donovan
  • Senators Browne, Cherry, Sargent, Sunyer, Petty, Sterckx, Sutherland, Sommer, Gorospe, Anders, Magwood, Violette, Uy, Rozman, Godbold, Sincavitch, Simmons, Richard, and Reid were found absent
  • Approval of the minutes
Academic Affairs, Shreya Shankar
  • Major/Minor Fair: Thursday, January 11th from 12:30 -2:30 in the David Peebles Room in Hendrix!
  • Reaching out to PR team for advertising
  • Encouraging Bridge students to attend
  • Tremaine working on initiative for renting textbooks from library, met with Kirsten Dean about it this week. Got some good feedback for moving forward.
  • Bereavement Policy Resolution in the works
  • Humanities Survey results analyzed by Willie and Madison
  • Kathleen looking into connecting local education communities with Clemson.
  • Exploring expansion of undergraduate research opportunities
  • Talking to orgs director about organizational research and methods of setting up Tiger Prowl
  • Unified database of research opportunities in every College
  • Going with Dr. Griffin to talk to undergraduate associate deans about undergraduate research fair
  • Tremaine working with military affairs to get exact requests for early registration
  • CU Drop in Research Spotlight
  • Please submit graphic designs for CUDIRS banner to email below
  • Contacting companies to buy podium
  • Looking for professors who want to present research; submit names if you know anyone
  • Contact info:
  • Shreya Shankar
  • 843-260-4372
  • shanka2@clemson.edu
  • @shreyatheslaya
Athletics, Josh Hutchinson
  • Updates:
  • Athletics Updates:
  • Student ticketing forum went well
  • Increasing number of students through Gate 5 on Hill to help with distribution—Make sure you read the email to see which gate you are if you have a Hill ticket
  • Investigating method for student-led new software system and potentially better third party company
  • Balloons at the football games are biodegradable
  • The issue of using balloons is slightly over the Athletic Department’s head- group on campus has already taken it to the Provost’s office
  • Campus Rec Updates:
  • Constituency report coming soon
  • Projects:
  • Campus Rec Constituency report- Katelyn, Banner, and Morgan
  • Future Software project- Katie
  • Ticketing Forum- Campus Outreach and Athletics
  • Contact Info:
  • Josh Hutchinson | 803-727-3854 | jhutch4@g.clemson.edu
Campus Life, Jacob Livingston
  • Updates this Week:
  • Emily Anne and Carly have nailed down a date and official monetary sponsorship for the Tiger Farmer’s Market: April 20th, 2018 with CAFLS in Tiger Park!
  • All Douthit Hills rooms that were made available for continuing student contracts have been taken.
  • David took student feedback to mailroom management this week and is working on proactive solutions to prevent another fiasco.
  • Native American Heritage MCDD hit some hiccups and unfortunately will not be able to take place. Rachel is moving forward with planning for Black History Month in February!
  • Catch the dining halls serving Gamecock next week after we win in Columbia this weekend. It’ll be so easy, its almost fowl. Happy Thanksgiving! | jwlivin@clemson.edu | (843) 855-2516 | SC: @jacobsayshi | Twitter/Insta: @jacob_livvy
Finance & Procedures, Miller Hoffman
  • F&P is thankful and definitely ready for some turkey!
  • Legislation:
  • Second Read:
  • Fall Budget Hearing
  • Non-Op Funding
  • First Read:
  • Executive Bylaw amendments (Shoutout McMeekin)
  • Non-Op Funding
  • Op Funding
  • Emergency Funding (2 reads tonight!)
  • Updates:
  • Go Cowboys, first and foremost
  • Judicial bylaws coming soon
  • Christian is working on Handbook updates
  • I’m hoping for you all to have a nice Christmas present of our revamped bylaws!!
  • Listen to my new Christmas single: “All I Want for Christmas is Bylaws”
  • mhoffm5@g.clemson.edu / 803-412-5983
Health & Human Services, Madison Gregoris
  • Senate Resolution 05!!!
  • Shoutout to Stephen, Hannah, Joe and Gale
  • Upcoming meetings:
  • 11/29 - Johnson Link & Doug Hallenbeck to talk about water bottles downtown becoming a more permanent thing
  • 11/30 - It’s On Us
  • Use harvest break as a time for introspection and community service
  • | 315.559.2066, mjgrego@g.clemson.edu
Transportation & Facilities, Patrick Gorospe
  • Updates:
  • Missing you from California!
  • Met with Todd last Tuesday. Lisa presented her and Andrew’s water refill station research. Todd gave verbal agreement to install 15-20 stations this summer!!! Give Andrew and Lisa a huge high five for their hard work on this effort.
  • SR 03 Update - spoke with Senator for USC. He is excited about Clemson’s leadership on this issue and thinks it will enable him to get similar resolution passed.
  • Nap Pod update - Jessica
  • SR 04 will be tabled for tonight. Please please please come with suggestions, concerns, ideas, or anything else that’s on your mind. Student leaders from across the country are excited about Clemson’s progress on this issue.
  • Projects:
  • Jessica Ruday - kicked butt at Senate Friendsgiving
  • Derwin Simpson & Emily Anders - analyzing results
  • Andrew O’Steen & Lisa Uy - looking for another awesome project to tackle
  • Upcoming Meetings:
  • Dan (bi-weekly)
  • Todd Barnette (bi-weekly)
  • Peter Knudsen (monthly)
  • Hackathon (Thursday nights at 7:30pm)
  • HMU 803-371-0959 | pgorosp@clemson.edu | @heyitsmepatg (coffee, free food, friendship)
University Services, Mikey Summers
  • General Updates:
  • ITSAB Funding- Deadline Tuesday after Thanksgiving
  • Meeting with CIO week after Thanksgiving
  • CUSG Census complete, will be sent out soon
  • Project Updates:
  • Thomas- Intramural Volleyball team; In between projects; Working with Marcel on Clemson Showcase, Bring High School students to campus and talk about financial aid, applying, etc. Targeted at underrepresented and low-income students
  • Ashley- Food Summit has date and venue, Contacting speakers, Drafting Advertising Materials; Green Crescent Trail, Working on getting kiosks for trailway; Unity Event, Met with Justin Giles, Planning similar event, Starting an RSO, Planning a joint meeting, Looking like a dinner event
  • Contact Information:
  • Phone: (864)328-7441
  • Email: mrsumme@clemson.edu
Clerk, Jack Council
  • Hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving break!
  • If you ever have any questions or just wanna hang out,
  • 704-488-3242
  • jcounci@g.clemson.edu
  • insta/snapchat: jack_council
Secretary, Kara Donovan
  • Attendance google form https://goo.gl/forms/GztuBAT7Tjt7TQVt1 (thanks to my roommate)
  • Capital Improvement Feb 5!!
  • Walk-Thrus will be February 2 and 4: these are mandatory!! Make yourselves available now (unless you have a very legitimate excuse)
  • Extra $79,000 maybe more → met with Julie Garcia and meeting again next week
  • Finalizing amount before starting advertising, but tell your committees to submit proposals
  • Points:
  • Stephen’s contest- 10 bonus points
  • ITSAB cover photo
  • Funding board (biweekly)
  • Contact Info:
  • (410) 220-7220 | donova3@g.clemson.edu | Insta: @kara710 | Twitter: @kdon710 | Snapchat: @karadonovan710
Pro Temp, Steven Patrick
  • CUSG Tailgate
  • CUSG Intramurals
  • Senate Holiday Party
  • Fall Retreat Tshirts
  • Admin Dinner
  • Thursday January 25th, 2018 at 7:00pm in Hendrix
  • Mentor/Mentee Program
  • Buddy Olympics: afternoon of Friday January 12th, 2018
  • Formal (5mal)
  • February 3rd or 10th (probably)
  • Casino Royale
Vice President, Jaren Stewart
  • BGR Update
Senate President, Leland Dunwoodie
  • Service Project:
  • Give thanks
  • Shoutouts:
  • Lisa & Andrew
  • Updates:
  • Senate Strategic Plan
  • Talk to me
  • Leland Dunwoodie | 269-759-4768 | ldunwoo@g.clemson.edu | @lelanddunwoodie

Old Business

  • Senate Bill 28
  • Author: Miller Hoffman
  • Purpose: To approve the recommended non-operational appropriations.
  • JS: move to call this bill to question
  • SB 28 passes
  • Senate Bill 29
  • Author: Miller Hoffman
  • Sponsor: Connor McCormick
  • Purpose: To approve the recommended Fall Budget appropriations.
  • PT: move to call this bill to question
  • SB 29 passes
  • Senate Resolution 04
  • Authors: Patrick Gorospe and Peter Sterckx
  • Sponsors: Owen Phillips and Collin Braeuning
  • Purpose: To express Undergraduate Student Senate support for the allocation of the Hendrix Student Center bookstore space for the purpose of a Makerspace.
  • SS: move to table this bill because the authors are not present
  • SR 04 has been tabled for one week

New Business

  • Senate Bill 31
  • Author: Miller Hoffman
  • Sponsor: Jacob McMeekin
  • Purpose: To update the Executive Branch bylaws to reflect the appropriate changes to update the bylaws and procedures of the Executive Branch.
  • CJ: does this make the combining of the Finance Director and Executive Secretary permanent
  • JM: yes
  • CJ: Capital Improvement rollover?
  • JM: yield to Secretary Donovan
  • KD: so since the Student Activity Fee contributes $50,000 to Capital Improvement, if there is more rollover than that it shouldn’t all go back to the Student Activity Fee, so I’ve been meeting with Julie Garcia about that to determine some rules/regulations to follow for the future on Capital Improvement rollover, especially since for instance parking gives us $25,000 a year
  • AM: are you writing the Cabinet handbook out of the bylaws?
  • JM: yes
  • JS: move to send this bill back to F&P
  • SB 31 is back in F&P
  • Senate Bill 32
  • Author: Miller Hoffman
  • Purpose: To approve the recommended non-operational appropriations.
  • JS: is Army ROTC part of the Military Council?
  • MH: yes so they will come back in the Spring for budget hearings as part of Military Council, there were just some discrepancies with starting that this semester so they came in this time as a separate group
  • BB: why is the Homecoming Build retroactively funded?
  • MH: got a lot of donations this year, but these funds are pretty much solely for the costs of moving the house
  • BB: so they never came in for funding in the first place, and then had an additional expense and came in to you guys?
  • MH: yes exactly
  • JS: move to send this back to F&P
  • SB 32 is back in F&P
  • Senate Bill 33
  • Author: Miller Hoffman
  • Purpose: To approve the recommended operational appropriations.
  • AA: move to send this bill back to F&P
  • SB 33 is back in F&P
  • Senate Bill 34
  • Author: Miller Hoffman
  • Purpose: To approve the recommended emergency appropriations.
  • MP: what precautions are being put in place by Sailing Club to prevent future embezzlement?
  • MH: they did a ton of things, requiring sign-offs from advisor to withdraw large amounts, multiple names on bank account, etc. they have taken many steps to move forward
  • BB: relationship between funding board and club sports?
  • MH: good relationship, they mainly come in for one amount during Spring Budget Hearings, but you will see emergency funding come through for maybe unexpected tournaments they qualified for etc.
  • BS: is the Sailing Club funding for the dock?
  • MH: yes that is what they are working on and they showed us pictures of how that will look
  • AS: move to send this bill to 2nd read
  • DS: move to call this bill to question
  • SB 34 passes
  • Senate Resolution 05
  • Author: Stephen Moore
  • Sponsors: Joe Whitaker, Gabriel Israel, and Hannah Ohlund
  • Purpose: To express Undergraduate Student Senate support for the addition of “gender identity or expression,” “parental or guardian status,” “marital status,” “citizenship,” “physical or mental disability,” and “medical condition” to art. II, § A, and art. II, § B of Clemson University’s Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy.
  • MP: currently in the policy, things like gender, nationality, etc. are listed in there, so why do we need to add these in?
  • SM: the way we look at it, many other universities have expanded upon the above categories in their public Non-Discrimination Policy to make students feel welcome and want to come here
  • GI: gender identity and expression is a more specific way to differentiate gender and gender identity
  • MP: so we are adding these so students can have a more specific thing to look at when dealing with harassment?
  • SM: yep absolutely, it would also help raise our campus pride index which is currently the lowest of Top 25 public universities
  • CJ: how would administration go about making these changes?
  • SM: met with Lee Gill about how to do this, he agreed the policy needs to be updated, and the administration and Board of Trustees would need to see public support, hence this resolution, and then the legal advisor for their office would look into the specific language to use and take that to the Board
  • AO: could you explain the difference between national origin and citizenship?
  • SM: South Carolina has a law prohibiting undocumented students from attending a public university (besides DACA students), so this kind of goes beyond DACA students and is also a symbol to South Carolina to maybe re-look at that law
  • HO: and to touch on national origin, that doesn’t correlate with citizenship so you can be from somewhere but be a citizen somewhere else, etc.
  • BB: so if some of the semantics were to be changed, would that come back to us to see it?
  • SM: not exactly sure how that would go, from Lee Gill I think they would look at the legality and then see if it would be possible
  • HO: we also are using the same language that other colleges have been using
  • SM: exactly, we are not the first ones to do this, we’re using other universities as an example
  • JS: move to send this resolution back to HHS
  • SR o5 is back in HHS


  • TM: working on CUSG resource list to just remind people of what CUSG does, and I’d like to update this every month so the student body knows what we do
  • MS: thank you from Jacovia to everyone who came to Dinner with the Deltas
  • JC: fill out my survey
  • DK: there’s going to be a clothing & toiletries drive to help people at the Safe Harbor House in Greenville, and one of the donation locations is the CUSG offices
  • LU: move for a roll call
  • Senators Brown, Cherry, Sargent, Sunyer, Petty, Sterckx, Sutherland, Sommer, Gorospe, Magwood, Violette, Rozman, Godbold, Sincavitch, Simmons, and Reid were found absent
  • IK: Christmas for the Kids is coming up, it’s the Friday after Thanksgiving, please donate money or time if you want to help out or volunteer
  • BB: helping out with Clemson Hope and they are trying to donate to every kid in the area, only need 136 more out of 1136 kids they want to help
  • JS: move to adjourn

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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