The Forest

the purpose of my utopia is to make sure the people living here are save and cant be harmed. it makes a safe society for people to come live in but they will have to get used to the rules so that it will stay safe. It has a very cool view and it is in a cool place.

The name of the utopia is The Forest.

The motto of our utopia "once you come you'll want to stay". We chose that because the area that it is in and how fun it is. The people are very nice and friendly.

this is our seal. We chose this picture because this is one of the things that people enjoy walking or hiking through. We chose this because we think this represents our community.

What we hope will happen is that this will provide a safe and fun place to live. That people will come and wont have to worry about harm and things happening to their families.

In order to live here though, you will have to follow the rules or else you will have to pay the consequence.

1. No Profanity!

2. You must get your school work done before you go out with your friends.

3.You must go to work and school everyday unless you are sick or unable to go.

4. You need to be very respectful and kind to others.

5. There will be no drugs or alcohol.

6. No inflicting fights or pain on others.

7. You must be friends with many people.

8. You must be modest wit the clothes you wear.

9. Always help others if needed.

10. Follow the rules.

The forest is hidden in the forest. It is very hard to find but if you are a really good person, You will know how to find it easy.

Daily schedule will look like this.

Wake up at 7:00, Eat breakfast at 8:00, Kids go to school at 8:15, Parents will go to work at the same time unless they have young kids, Come home at 2:45, Homework till 4:00, Free time till 5:30, Dinner at 5:40, Bedtime for the kids at 9:00.

Our Goverment is a democrasy government. Because I want there to be a president who is elected by the community.

We want you to come to our utopia and live an awesome life. It is a very safe place and very enjoyable, I promise you will come!! ;)


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