Immigration Angel hidalgo

1.Immigration is bad because they send the undocumented people back so there is no jobs so their poor. 2.I am affected cause i am a immigrant too and if Ice takes my parent what about me who is gonna take care of me. 3.My community and everyone is affected because they are afraid to go out.

1.Officially committed the United States, for the first time, to accepting immigrants of all nationalities on a roughly equal basis. The law eliminated the use of national-origin quotas.2. They went to protest in the street for freedom.they did and never gave up that's why.3. Its same today because people are still fighting for right freedom and to people of different to be equal but some people do not they be selfish and don't care.

50 years from now they will still be immigration. If you cross the border and live here they cant take only if you brake a law living here and depends what law too.New right will be that there will be no more plastic surgery and that immigrants can be equal and get liscence.

Cesar Chavez knows it is wrong. They protest and did a boycott.You are never strong enough that you don't need help. Preservations of ones own culture does not require contempt or disrespected.

I can protest and do a boycott but still go to school so they know we care about our education.


Created with images by Wonderlane - "I hope someone tears down The Wall, US border, separating Mexico from the US, looking east, along Highway 2, Sonora Desert, Mexican side" • Unsplash - "hiding boy girl" • AFL-CIO Field - "CO: Cesar Chavez March" • SPakhrin - "protest"

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