Discussion Questions

1. To what extent is love a decision rather than a feeling? In what situations would you need to make the decision to love even when you don’t feel loving toward your spouse? (Tip 1)

2. What activities can spouses do together to rekindle the spark or relive those exciting early days of their relationship? (Tip 5)

3. Read the example at the end of Tip 10. What are other helpful reactions one could have in tense situations?

4. Do you believe the health risks in Tip 19? Why do you think this happens? Also noteworthy is that divorced men are more than twice as likely to commit suicide than married men. Does that surprise you? Why or why not?

5. What good and bad examples can married couples give their children? How important and impactful do you think marriage is on them? Do you think children are fine when their parents divorce? Were you, or would you have been? (Tips 21 & 22)

6. Besides children, what other groups of people may be counting on couples to set a good example of happy married life? (Tip 23)

Personal Reflections:

1. Have I ever not felt love toward my spouse? What was the circumstance? Was I able to decide to love and show love anyway? If not, how can I do better next time? (Tip 1)

2. Am I frustrated when my spouse doesn’t act perfectly toward me? Do I always act perfectly toward him or her? How can I let it go that my spouse isn’t perfect, and neither am I? How can I strive to do better with my own behavior and attitude? (Tip 7)

3. Can I think of anything that needs done around the house right now that I should just take care of myself? Have I been nagging my spouse to do that task or others? (Tip 12)

4. Do I sometimes pity myself? What do I have to be grateful for instead? (Tip 14)

5. What are my spouse’s strengths? What are mine? How do our strengths compliment each other? (Tip 15)

6. Is divorce ever an option for us? (Tip 16) [If so, read the next chapter of tips, 17-24, carefully.]

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