One Question, Five Answers We asked, five coaches shared.

Question: Other than your home turf, where is your favorite place to play?

"Roanoke. The field is situated in a hollow, surrounded by the mountains. It's beautiful."

Becky Elliott, Lancaster Bible College

"Ursinus College. The surface is outstanding — it really encapsulates the history and tradition of UC field hockey. It's is also the home of the Field Hockey Hall of Fame."

Sally Scatton, William Smith College

"The Bermudian National Stadium. Besides getting to play against the Bermudian national teams, the venue is amazing, and the temperatures in January are perfect for a nice winter-break trip to play a few games."

Laura Gingrich, Alvernia University

"Bello Field — the former home of Tufts field hockey and site of blood, sweat, and tears for TUFH."

Lindsay Griffith, DeSales University

"Old Dominion's Foreman Field. Even though it's no longer standing, it held so many memories and a lot of history."

Anna Rogers, Lock Haven University

Thank you for your answers, coaches!

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Photo credit: Kevin Colton, HWS Chief Photographer

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