How to Battlefront

Have you ever heard of Star Wars Battlefront? If you haven't you should read this article, As you read this piece you will learn how to play the game, how to get started and how to use the heroes. So grab your PS4 and let’s start battling!

Learning how to play a new game is hard, but I know you can do it! Before you play the game you need to the buy the PS4. t is around $300, Once you bought the PS4 you need to know how to play, so let me tell you how to play the game! If you want to shoot press R2, hold L2 to zoom in it make it easier to aim, circle is kneel down if you kneel down it’s hard for your enemies to shoot you and it's easier for you to shoot them. If you want to run use the left stick. To change your view, use the right stick. hold triangle to use special power, to use you other power ups press L1 or R1. That’s how you play!

It’s easy to get started so go to missions and play training! When you are in training try to think of some strategies to help you when you play real, such as when someone comes rarely close up to elbow them and then shoot them! trust me it will help when it comes to the real battles. After you tried at least five training courses, play for real.

I hope you are ready to play for real! so get ready! Go to missions and choose what mission you want to play. Remember to use some of your strategies you came up with it will make it much easier! Don’t waste your power ups or your special moves. If you were wondering what the object of the game is I will tell you what it is , the object of game is you are a hero such as Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker there are much more heros than this but didn't want to name all them. If you are not a hero you are a Imperial trooper or a Reblin troop and go around and shoot stuff.

Now you know how to play Star Wars Battlefront, how to get started and how to win a mission! Remember never fall the dark side and may the force be with you!

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