Deeper Learning 2017

Deeper Learning is an annual gathering of educators focused on creating opportunities for students to learn deeply. In sunny San Diego, we experience what this means for ourselves, connect with others already making it happen, and learn.

super excited to be en route!


Collaborative Problem Solving Skills for School, Work, & Better Communities: LRNG Games invited educators to participate in this activity focused on building communication skills.

Trust building: outdoor ed with mousetraps & rope

Outdoor Ed explored taking students through experiences that are in their "stretch zone" (zone of proximal development) so they can experience something and then process the experience. The activities can be linked to curriculum easily- ex: Colorado River stakeholders (strings attached to a cup of water, each stakeholder has a string and all must carry it out to the field). Simple trust activities can lead to greater connections and learning (blindfolded through a mousetrap field).

Colorado River stakeholders work together

Establish the expectation of student-driven learning. Students are given parameters and expectations for the project, and must teach themselves what they don't know in order to get there. For example, one student needed to learn how to use two different programs he would need to create his VR (virtual reality) project, so he accessed web tutorials and learned them on his own.

Student work displayed with a design eye (think frames, space, and simple color scheme)
You want to climb on that, don't you?

Consider what kind of students we want to graduate from Lamoille Union: Ed Leader 21 dives into the Profile of a Graduate. Check theĀ #profileofagraduate social media campaign!

screenprinting & collage

Digital Badges: the future of how we track and assess transferable skills? Here's what Del Lago HS uses.

Are you teaching for deeper learning? Transferable skills, anyone?
Innovation is not just creating new things; it's unleashing yourself. --Laura McBain
Escape Room: game design in action
Students selling their wares--Chem class turned soap company with Real World Scholars

OK Cello fuses music with narrative. Inspiration & explanation here.

Former Humanities teacher OK Cello
We need one at Lamoille, right?
Deep Dive: Steampunk Your Passion-examining our personal experience with equity through metaphor & making
Identity projects

Deeper learning is about letting go of the hundreds of standards in favor of going deeper with fewer. It's about giving yourself permission to take the time to do this. It's about remembering that information is at our fingertips now, so teaching students how to learn is the real imperative.

Deeper learning can be found in student-led true project based learning. How do we get them there? Empathy in student interviews, analyzing those interviews for what makes students spark and what turns them off... then using...a design thinking structure, a steampunk your passion project, or an open question that allows for multiple pathways to the learning or 'answer'. It starts with empathy for the learner- student voice and choice should be forefront. Lots of opportunities for discussion and reflection- for teachers and students.

And yes, there was this.

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