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Chuck Underwood is an artist who paints what he loves.


And he loves painting - usually using a photograph as a reference. His typical subject matter consists of common scenes of our natural world - landscapes, animals, people. Mostly self - taught starting in his teens using traditional paint and canvas materials and methods, in recent years he has evolved and embraced the digital painting medium that involves an entirely different way of approaching and creating the painting altogether.

What is a Digital Painting?

Digital painting was once mostly scoffed at and dismissed as being "artificial" and called "push - button art" because it relied on software to do most if not all of the actual painting work. So it was, in the very early stages, (rightly so) laughed at and ignored by most people.

Majesty in Repose

But with the passage of time and new innovations in the tools (both hardware and software) now used to create it - that derision and revulsion of those early digital artworks has begun to be replaced with a new acceptance and even admiration for some of today's masterful digital paintings. Most digital artists who are being noticed today are using the latest innovations in software - (Corel Painter 2016, Photoshop) and hardware - (most notably the Wacom tablet and art pen - an electronic drawing device that plugs in to a computer and allows the artist to "hand - paint" using the computer screen as the "canvas").


The artists using this new software/hardware combination can now create their art pieces digitally either using a photograph as a reference, or completely from scratch if they have the skills and talent for that - and many do.

"Night Heron"
"Luminous Wave"
"Colors of Autumn"
"Portrait of a Young Woman"

All of the paintings shown here are created in the digital medium by Chuck using a photograph as a reference. Chuck offers signed limited edition fine art prints of all of his paintings. He also paints commissioned portraits (based on your own photographs). See more of Chuck's artwork on his website:


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