The Reagan Era

Social Issues

AIDS: Mainly spread between homosexuals and drug users. People feared what AIDS could do to them and what would happen if they get it, so they started looking for a cure, but they never found a cure.

Education: Reagan saw that the U.S was falling behind in education, so he made schools have longer days and years. Reagan also require more homework for the students to do.

War on Drugs: Drugs were immense in the 60's and 70's so Reagan came up with the "Just say NO!" campaign. He created this campaign to show people the risks and to show what will happen if you do drugs.

Abortion: People debated on whether it should be allowed to kill an unborn child if the mother wishes. This still hasn't been decided, we still fight over this in this era.

Political Issues

The government switched from public action to private interest. Basically saying the community got to take action more then the federal government. Reagan and Bush appoint conservative Justices: Chief Justice William Rehniquist, Sandra Day O'Connor, and Clarence Thomas. Bush had a strong foreign policy career which helped stabilize many countries.

Economic Issues

Reagan created Reaganomics. By creating Reaganomics he cut government spending, lowered taxes on the wealthy to create the "trickle down effect" which let the middle and lower class get financial help from the upper class. This lead to the economy finally stabilizing again.

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