Thailand By george flEtcher

Location of Thailand
Chut thai

A: Traditional clothing in Thailand includes the chut Thai, it is worn by all ages and genders and in Thailand means Thai outfit. they also were clothes like our clothes.


B: In Thailand they have no official religion due to freedom of belief from their constitution, the most practiced religion is Buddhism with smaller percentages of Christian and Muslim etc. In Thailand traditions include special and important hand gestures called wai, and in Thailand losing temper is very frowned apon.There are many more traditions and customs followed in Thailand.

C: The official language in Thailand is Thai. Thai is not the only language spoken, there are actually 72 languages spoken in Thailand.

Makha bucha day

D: Thailand was established in the 9th century B.C. by the Mon and Khmer people. While Thailand was developing it was greatly influenced by Asia. Holidays in Thailand include Makha Bucha day Febuary 22nd, Chakri day April 6th, and songkran day April 13

Thailand boxing

E: In Thailand they play sports that include badminton, soccer, boxing, snooker, and tennis.Traditional games are Thai-boxing, kite fighting, and boat racing.In Thailand they have a dance called Thai dance it can be but into two categories classical, and folk dance.

Tom yum

F: In Thailand there are many traditional foods these include Tom Yum, Som Tum Goong, Som Tum, Tom Kha Kai, Gaeng Daeng, and Khao Pad

G: The head of the country is the prime minister, prayut chan-o-cha. The prime minister gets a four year term. The Thailand constitution was adopted in 2007 it was written by a committee, some freedoms and right given include structure of government, duties of thais, and direct political participation of public.


H: traditional houses in Thailand usually are bamboo or wood structure risen up on stilts. They are topped with pointy roofs.

Kid going to school

I: The education in Thailand is free from pre-school to high school. The education is provided by the ministry of education. Attendance is very important. Thailand is a newly industrialized country.2/3 of Thailands economy comes from export. Thailand is fairly stable.


J: In 2013 41.9% of people in Thailand worked in agriculture 20.3% worked in industry and 37.5% services. In 2014 5382.9 jobs were in tourism and in 2014 Thailand made 7.2 billion dollars in capitol investment.


K: average is 26*c in winter and 31*c in summer. On average Thailand gets 220mm of rain. In total Thailand is 198117 square miles big. Thailand has relatively high mountain and Fock formations from the north, southward Thailand has very fertile plains, there are also jungles, and there is a large river called the Mekong

Asian elephant

L: The Khmer people were an ethnic group native to Cambodia the mon people are the same except there from berma. Native animals to Thailand include Asian elephant, clouded leopard, binturong, etc. The capitol of Thailand is Bangkok.



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