Alaska The frontier of beauty

Alaska, a US state located in the northwest extremity of the us, a frontier like no other, a frontier of pure beauty and serenity. Where one can go and take time off from the hustle and bustle of the 'big smoke' cities, a place where one can find themselves in wilderness, in nature. millions of hectares of untouched beauty where one can partake in activities such as fishing, hunting or nature walks or where one can simply learn and interact with the Alaskan culture.

The remote log cabin situated in Bornite

the remote log cabin situated in Bornite is a serene cabin that is situated in a remote area that is off the grid and completely self catering, perfect for the adventurer that is looking to escape. The remote off the grid log is the perfect space for a part time adventure seeker giving them the true feeling of a traditional hunting and fishing cabin. the remoteness of the log cabin gives one the ability to step out of their door and straight into the extreme wilds.

Back entrance into the log cabin

The log cabin is accessible by car but still remote enough for you to feel truly alone, just you and the untamed wilds. The serene landscapes and frontiers of Bornite gives those looking to be one with nature and just spend time in her beauty and engage in nature walks a truly memorable experience. the log cabin's remote area has the landscapes and backdrops that one only dreams of, making this remote log cabin in Bornite a truly memorable experience for those who are true adventure seekers looking for a break.

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