couple's in the night

In the beginning i start with the Abdomen, Thorax, and also the legs
And then i make the shape of the head also i add the eyeballs in it.
After, making the body and the head i make the arms to the woman's body.
Then, I glue the head to the body also i add the front part of the hair and the feets.
And then i glue the arms to the body and i make the dress that the little doll wearing
in the final i make the curly hair using a stick
to make the man's body i had to make entire figure of the man using a photo of a model
after i finished the body i make a tiny shoes.
in the man's sculpture i decide to make the hair before because it not really delicate us the woman's hair.
next i make the dress and the shoes
In the final i put both sculptures together and then i glue also the sculpture it's obviously that the sculptures will not stay in this position so i decide to put elastic around the both sculptures
This is my new sculpture which is a house bird but instead of putting a simple bird i will make a doll.
This is the bottom part of the of the case were the doll will seat
Here this photo is showing the back of the doll also for the doll i decide to make something different from what i have been working.
now am showing the front of the strain girl cat that i make.
now after fired this is the result of what i show before, also i have to add that i will remake the house bird because it's not symetrical .
Created By
Nancy Rivas Carbajales

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