Life as a Graphic Design Student E PORTFOLIO @Albert B. Andrin

Artistic Statement

Hi, my name is Albert Brian Andrin and this is my e Portfolio. My artistic style is cool, fresh, and very creative. My creations made me feel self-aware and very pleased with what I've done. When I'm creating my art piece, I feel very focused and determined to complete the task.

Artistic Gallery

"Monochromatic Self-Portrait" October 30th, 2016, Adobe Photoshop
"Business Card" November 28th, 2016, Adobe Illustrator
"My Life in Icons" February 24th, 2017, Adobe Illustrator
"Company Logo Design" November 7th, 2016, Adobe Illustrator
"My Family Crest" April 17th, 2017, Adobe Illustrator


Albert Andrin's Resume

Work Experiences

Illustrator: 50% Photoshop: 50%

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