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Rafael Nadal was born in June 3, 1986. He was born in Mallorca, Spain. He is 30 years old and is in great shape.

Rafael Nadal has won 14 grand slams, a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics, 28 titles, and 17 ATP World Tour
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Rafael Nadal is known as the King of the Clay.

20 verbs: golpear, correr, jugar, trote, raza, tiener, quierer, sueñer, necesidar, búsquedar, volear, cortar, servir, agitar las manos, sudor, beber agua, anotar, ganar, perder, divertirse

hit, run, play, jog, race, have, want, dream, need, search, volley, slice, serve, shake hands, sweat, drink water, score, win, lose, have fun

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Fun Facts: Rafael Nadal is a "lefty" and is afraid of dogs.

For your enjoyment:

Nadal was born to play tennis.


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