Montauk Air Force Base By: jaron Vanderhoff

Was the Montauk Air Force Base used for time travel or government use? Was there a little Air Force Base on Long Island, New York? Was there really time travel in the past? If you keep reading you will find out. Montauk Air Force Base is debated between time travel and government use.

Theory 1

People believe that Montauk Air Force Base was used for government use. From an article I found out that military officials who wanted to continue researching the possibilities created by the results of the experiments. They say that the government wanted to make weapons that were even greater than their enemies weapons. The congress, however, refused to fund any further research and experiments. There were three families that faced arrest for entering the restricted area of Camp Hero. A guard said that the area of the base is both top-secret and restricted. When they were approached by the guard who was unidentified. All three families said that they were approached by a armed unidentified guard. The base was used the most during WW2. Which left it to be officially active until 1969 when they got shut down. Federal records show no legit source of funding. Numerous witnesses certified that the station was still active long after 1969. They also stationed planes, troops, and Coast Guard personnel at Montauk during WW1. The base was named after the Army’s chief Andrew Hero, Jr. That's when they upgraded it and renamed it Camp Hero in 1942. They say that when they used it for the government that they had a big satellite on the top to cover up the ships so it wasn’t seen on enemy's radar. Which helped them a lot when they transported goods and supplies to their allies. It was a training facility and a target range with guns being fired at offshore targets when there was no war going on. When WW2 ended the base was temporarily shut down and was used as a training facility. In November, 1957, Army closed Camp Hero because of a long distance bombers. The Air Force continued using the western half. The satellite was able to detect airborne objects well over 200 miles. Then, they officially shut down radar operations on July 1, 1980, after a new radar system. The old system was deactivated and removed in 1984, which did take a little bit to remove. Riverhead now controls all air traffic in the area. They then attempted to sell the entire facility to real estate developers, which lead to them just having to donating the facility to the National Park on Long Island.

Theory 2

Now the other theory that the people believe is that it was used for time travel and science experiments. Al Bielek, a 57 year old male, worked on the Philadelphia Project. Bielek was able to uncover memories of having worked on the Montauk Project 1970s and 80s. They locked away the memories to keep this experiment a secert. Then when his memories returned he found out that Al Bielek was not his name, but his real name was Edward Cameron. He worked on the experiment with his brother Duncan Cameron in their mid 20s. Al presented his story at a Mutual UFO Network conference. In the 1940s Nikola Tesla figured how to make the U.S.S Eldridge invisible and oped up a wormhole to the future which sucked up the ship in that process. Nobody really knows where the ship went if it went to a different time or demotion. The Cameron Brothers were on board but jumped off the vessel and landing at Montauk’s Camp Hero on August 12, 1983. Military sent them back through the wormhole with a mission. Bielek described in vague terms how he’s been de-aged. The US military supposedly conducted a secret experiment in the naval shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They were on a quest to discover a way to foil Nazi radar so they could transfer supplies to the allies in Europe safely. The Navy never admitted to any of these test taking place during the project. In 1955 it not only succeeded in uncovering how to make ships invisible to a radar. During some of the projects we found, years after the experiments, we found a hog like figure but almost looked mutate and they called it the Montauk Monster. When the overexposure happened they shut down the project. Now let's talk more about Al Bielek. Al was a scientist who worked on time travel. Al was born in 1927. They say that after the experiment they would just simple teleport him back to his apartment. In the 1980’s Al participated in some of the time travel experiments. Al and his brother Duncan traveled to mars on several occasions during the experiment. In January 1988, after seeing the movie Philadelphia Experiment, his memories started to come back to him. A promise that was made to Al was that his memories would return, but they just didn’t know when. When Al got his memories back he when public with what he know in the Montauk and Philadelphia Experiments in 1989. He has been on radio talk shows and to conferences ever since he got his memories. Al believes that he has not been harmed from the time travel experiments.

What I believe

Now from the research that I have done I believe that it was used for government use, which was theory 1. The one reason why I believe in that theory is because if we would of found time travel, I don't think we would of stopped using it. I also could see them using that as a military base other than a science experiment place. They other reason why I believe in the government is because I personally don’t think that it is possible to time travel. The other reason that gives me a reason to believe that it was used for the military is because it was by the Atlantic which makes sense on how the ship could got there during WW1 and WW2. Also Al Bielek a scientist who was involved in theory 2 said he had no memory of the time travel experiment which makes me believe that the time travel wasn’t actually real. It also makes sense that it was used for government because they say it was used during WW1, WW2, and The Cold War. All those wars were in Europe and Asia, which is across the world but being by the Atlantic Ocean means that you are closer and it would make sense to be closer instead of being further away. I also believe this theory because they guard it instead of letting people go inside which would make sense if we were to get in a war and we might need that base later for under cover so that the enemies wouldn’t know.

So what do you think the Montauk Air Force Base was used for, time travel or government use? This article will give you information to know more about history wars and time traveling. If there's another big war this base might just become active again. What if we need to time travel, would they reopen the experiment. Now you know about one of America's biggest theories, and a military base not much of you probably knew about. Was it time travel or government use?

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