Artist Portfolio Julie Sharon

My name is Julie and I’m currently taking Modern design. I was driven to selecting this class because I enjoy having a class where I can do art, which I find relaxing and fun opposed to regular academic classes. I have always enjoyed making art since I was very young and still do now, when I am at home I like to do henna which is a form of body art in which you use a paste made with the herb Lawsonia Inermis to stain a pattern, traditionally, onto your hand.

Here at Smith Middle School I have taken Art Smart, 3D Art, and Crafts. In art smart I worked mainly on realistic still drawings and paintings such as the shell and sunflower project we did. In 3D art we built sculptures with clay though I do not remember any specific sculptures or projects from that class. Similarly with Crafts I only remember one project in which we created Boutiques.

One of my favorite parts of the creative process is “exploring”. I especially enjoy this specific part because because I like to see other artists’ work because I feel that it opens my mind to new ideas and sparks creativity within myself.

I would not say that I have a favorite artist. To me it’s just like music, which is an art form, but my point being, at least for me, it depends. I like a wide variety of styles and it can be like comparing apples to oranges. You can’t necessarily compare something like painting to sculpture because they are so different. A few of the art forms which I admire the most would be painting and henna, additionally I do not know the names of all of the artists which I like but one would be the owner of Henna CKG whose first name is Camille though I don't know her last name. I also admire the graphite artist Banksy who spreads very positive messages using stencils to graphite a message on buildings. An interesting things about Banksy is that he/she is unidentified, nobody knows who he/she is.

Through my time practicing art I would say I mainly learned to persevere to solve a problem and to accept my mistakes and to know that art should just be for fun and not something which you do that will cause you stress or pressure, nor something that should be competitive. There will always be different skill levels, some better, some worse, and you don't need every piece of your’s to be perfect because everything and everyone has imperfections.


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