March For Equal Rights Selma, alabama to montgomery, alabama for african-american voting rights

"Showdown In Selma"


It was Sunday, March 7, 1965. 600 marchers were marching across the Edmund Pettus Bridge and next thing they know is that 200 police officers are standing right in front of them. The "Showdown In Selma" march left a day that people sadly celebrate a day called "Bloody Sunday." It is a day to remember what happened on the day of the march. On the day of the march which is now called "Bloody Sunday," is also a day to remember the people who got sprayed with tear gas, thrown down to the ground, and sadly, killed. Around the Country broadcast-ed. In 1965 African-Americans registered to vote. John Lewis was one of the leaders of the march. After a little bit, police officers threw him to the ground.

John Lewis Being Thrown Down To The Ground By Police Officers

"Marching From Selma To Montgomery In 1965"


The march from Selma, Alabama to Montgomery, Alabama happened on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. The date was April 2, 1965. One person included in this march was Martin Luther King Jr. During the march quite a few people were either killed or injured. After the camera man lost interest, the march had been transformed from a carnival for 3,000 to a crusade for 300. And that was decided by a judge to bring it down from 3,000 to 300 people. Andy Young said "But as the marchers flooded over the Edmund Pettus Bridge Sunday morning, the scene owed more to Cecil B. DeMille than to Saint.

The March Across The Edmund Pettus Bridge

Compare And Contrast

These articles are alike because in both of them it says that the march was a little rough by shoving people down to the ground. The article, "Showdown In Selma," is secondary article. But the article, "Marching From Selma To Montgomery In 1965" is a primary article. Also, the "Showdown In Selma" article has an author that took evidence from other authors that either took evidence from other authors or from people who were actually were at the event. But on the other hand, the article, "Marching From Selma To Montgomery In 1965" has an author that was there at the event when it took place. The author of "Showdown In Selma" was Joe Bubar. But the author of "Marching From Selma To Montgomery In 1965" was Andrew Kopkind.

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