Lights Out for Students by Nathan Doran

At Liberty, many students stay up late at night during the school week. Often students stay up not to do homework, but to do unnecessary activities like play games or watching television.

Constantly staying up late can cause chronic sleep deprivation, which can cause a number of health problems.

Health problems from sleep deprivation include chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, difficulty doing work, and depression.

In order to combat sleep deprivation, Liberty should institute a lights out policy. After 2:00 A.M., all students will have to go to bed. There will be more than enough time for homework and any other needed activities to be done before bed time.

By ensuring that students get to bed by 2:00 A.M., the lights out policy will help them to be able to get enough sleep every night so they can be wide awake during the day.

By having more sleep, Liberty students will be more successful. The lights out policy will help them to remain healthy physically, mentally, and academically.


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