• My greatest success is when I'm certain with my yes and my no. I feel successful when I'm sure. The people that know about me, say that I'm sure when I say yes or no. And after I'm happy with my results.
  • In ten years, I will be a doctor. I want this because I like it. I want to help others. And give happiness and help to people.
  • Now, my family, my friends and my school are important to me, because they help me in the future, I think that school will be important to me, because I will learn there. If you want to be a professional or successful person you need study. And I need to be recognized for being a successful doctor.
  • I want to be a doctor when I grow up because, they help people. This will make me feel successful because I know that I can give happiness to somebody. And it's not only that, also I can give help to people. And I like this profession that helps others, in addition to being successful I will feel very happy and sure of being chosen to be a doctor.
The profession of doctor besides making you successful, you can help many people.


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