Dinosaurs Third grade

Working in groups with three or four other students, explore links and videos throughout the page to further your understanding of dinosaurs. At the bottom of the page is a link to a spreadsheet on Google. Every member of the group should individually inquire into four different dinosaur species from a range of time periods. After gathering your individual data, look for trends and collaborate with your team. Start by watching the videos on the page, and open the Google document to begin filling it out with information from the other links. Summarize the data you have found and create a Glogster as a team that you will be able to show other students in your class and allow them access to the information you have uncovered.

  • I can interpret data and provide evidence.
  • I can analyze data.
  • I can make a summary.
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Dane Gerdes


Created with images by Ajale - "dinosaur bones rex" • Unsplash - "museum dinosaur exhibit" • Yoshikazu TAKADA - "Dinosaur fossils" • albertr - "dinosaur dragon tyrannosaurus" • mypubliclands - "Grand Staircase-Escalante NM" • shri_ram_r - "DSC_0121" • liza31337 - "T-rex"

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