Everyday Woman's Guide to Doing What You Love 51 Stories from purpose driven women

Queashar Halliburton, Co-Author, #1 International Best-Selling Book

Everyday Woman's Guide to Doing What You Love

Angela A. Giles And Galit Ventura-Rozen with 49 Amazing Women

51 women, different cultures, religions, ages, professions, businesses and race come together as ONE to share with you their stories on doing what they love in life. They share their passion and stories along with the the challenges they have overcome in hopes that you will be inspired and empowered to know without a doubt YOU CAN TOO!!! They share the steps and advice that you can take and implement into your own life immediately to achieve the the passion in life & biz you desire!! Featuring Galit Ventura-Rozen, Angela Giles, Pamela Kurt, Stacey Lockhart, Lovely Laguerre, Adriana Luna Carlos, Sherry Scott, Hanna Olivas, Kathleen Carozza, Lara Desir, Kathryn Whittington, Michele Saunders, Melissa Bollea Rowe, Maricela DeMarco, Isa O'Hara, Darla Makela, Denisse Espalter, Cecilia Duffy, Dr. Sarah Allen, Cynde Canepa, Renata Moise, Wendi G., Melissa Porterfield, Evelyn Gandrup, Michelle Perkins, Sonia Petkewich, Maria Lobato, Sherri Leopold, Mary Vila, Karen Krysko, Lollo Molander, Patti Allred, Ginder Allen, Dr. Deepali Kashyap, Deborah McDaniel, Ruth Furman, Kimberly Malloy, Brianna Dotson, Arlene Rivera, Andrea Clark, Sasha Nizgoda, Liane Haynes-Smith, Dr. Gina Nick, Queashar Halliburton, Carolyn Rainwater, Dawn Britt, Dr. Vicki Coleman, Donni Zheng, Lynda Bowers, Liza Rogers and Lisa Hernandez.

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Bio of Co-Author Queashar L. Halliburton

Although many abandon their goals and dreams by reason of fear, uncertainty, procrastination, and insufficient resources, she turns each of those things into stepping-stones to her success. For Queashar L. Halliburton, CEO and founder of Queashar Detroit Publishing, LLC, her greatest success to date resulted from living outside the box and operating in her God-given gifts and purpose. Constantly honing her craft, Queashar is a recent graduate of Les Brown’s Power Voice System for speakers and coaches. Queashar was featured in Time Square, Speakers Magazine, Glambitious Magazine as well as many other top publications. She was recently awarded a Top 25 Women in Business Award by Courageous Women Magazine.

As a certified success coach, Queashar empowers professionals to push past self-sabotaging behaviors and utilize their innate abilities to excel in life and business. In addition to serving as a member of Black Speakers Network and the Nonfiction Authors Association, Queashar is a contributing writer of Advance Magazine, Publish Magazine, and the author of Skyrocket Your Success!: 10 Keys to Refocus, Reposition & Reclaim Your Purpose!

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Everyday Woman's Guide to Doing What You Love hit the number #1 Best-Seller's list on Amazon in 6 Categories within 48 hours of it's release on 06/22/2021!

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#1 Best Seller US in New Age Spiritual Healing, Canada and UK

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