Caption Project By Jacob davis

Ina, Kayla and Faby work on the spaghetti tower in Mr. Walters class to complete a project. last Friday we started to make the tower. " I liked how we all got to work as a team." said Faby
Ina, Kayla and Faby start to apply support to the tower to keep it from falling in class. Last Friday we started the project and as the tower gets higher we have to support it. "The hardest part of the project was supporting the tower. said Ina"
Ina, Kayla still work on stabilizing the tower. Last Friday time has gone by in building the tower and Kayla is still trying to keep it from falling. "What I would do differently is change the structure. Kayla said."
Ina and Kayla trying to fix the support because it was falling apart. Last Friday more time has passed by and in the last few minutes we try to fix the tower before time runs out. "what I would change is the base of the tower." said Jacob.

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