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This is a picture collage of all things and people that I truly love. A major part of this collage is my family who I truly love and care for. I love my brothers, my sister, my mother, my stepfather, my baby cousins, and my boyfriend. They are my true motivation in everything. In this picture there are activities and things I like to do like playing volleyball, hearing music, and watching movies. There are also my favorite animals such as puppies and pandas. This collage describes me in a way and my interests.
This image was created using Illustrator Adobe . The theme of the picture was based on Halloween. I was able to create the Halloween pumpkin by following a video tutorial that was given to me by Mr. Joe. Our class had to create pumpkins that fell in the following categories, cute, scary, realistic, and funny. I chose to make my pumpkin scary, it was scary in a way but not enough to win the competition for the scariest. I had to use several tools to make my pumpkin such as circles, a pen, and gradient colors.
This picture was made for Thanksgiving. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the pilgrim, the bowl, and the turkey.
I created these initials using Adobe Illustrator. I used different fonts to make each logo different and stand out from the paper.
I created these three logos for Cancer Awareness club. This club has no logo that represents it, so I decided to created a logo for it. I believe that the color best fits these logos.
These are the initials that represent my name. I created this initials by creating Adobe Illustrator.
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Claudia Ruiz


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