Alone Together Portraits by Jessica Strange

FORT WORTH, TX 4/26/2020. “Sometimes we go drive to other neighborhoods to go for a walk,” says Fort Worth musician Mark Ryan. Ryan and his wife, librarian Dana Harper, have quarantined in their Riverside home since early March.

Texans observed shelter in place orders beginning in mid-March in an attempt to slow down the transmission of COVID-19. Being stuck inside affects each person differently. Some people take the time to catch up on reading, gardening and other projects. Some struggle to balance work while homeschooling children. Isolation is easier for some than it is for others. One mantra dominated: stay home, alone but together, to help save lives.

Denton, TX 4/10/2020. “To whoever pooped on the floor, I want to say thanks for keeping things interesting,” Elizabeth “Emott” Mott, quarantined mother of two, says.
DENTON, TEXAS 4/10/2020 Myles Hamilton, 6, dresses up while stuck inside during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people chose cloth masks to protect themselves and others from the virus but Myles went with something a little more his style.
Denton, TX 4/10/2020 “The ice cream truck is selling right in front of my house. Parents and kids aren’t using social distancing. I don’t want to be a curmudgeon, but I don’t think this is okay,” Kevin Harrison says.
FORT WORTH 4/26/2020. Jocelyn Tatum and her son Jett sit with their golden retriever, Peanut, in their Fort Worth home. Tatum is a journalism instructor at Tarrant County College and recently had to adjust her classes to online learning during the pandemic.
Denton, TX 4/10/2020. Phillip Tidwell hands a friend a much appreciated roll of paper towels during the COVID-19 pandemic during which a purchasing run on paper products led to shortages. Tidwell shelters in place with his wife, Shaharazade, and daughter, Luella.
Denton, TX 4/10/2020. Nola Korom and her bother, Cinq, watch people across the street, violating social distancing rules to take Instagram photos in front of a popular Denton mural. Their mother posted signs urging people to stay home.
FORT WORTH 4/26/2020. “I am hanging in there. I am not sure if I am lucky or sad to be in quarantine alone,” bookseller Sunny Purdin says.
DENTON, TX 4/10/2020. Cinq Korom spends some time outdoors in his playhouse. Many people took to the outdoors when they needed a break from quarantining inside.
FORT WORTH, TX 4/26/2020. Jennifer Brendle quarantines alone in her apartment. Brendle has worked from home for the last 3 years so she’s used to the solitude, but she says she misses hugging her children and grandchildren.
FORT WORTH, TX 5/4/2020. “I’m tired of my family. I want to go out with my friends and have fun and do things,” Jack Strange, 13, says about his two months in quarantine with his sister Kate, 7, and goldendoodle, Biscuit.


Photos by Jessica Strange