Academic Vocabulary Bryant miranda block 5

he can analyze the mountains from the distance.

to look very close at.

synonyms: break down, deconstruct, examine

these dogs are having a argue by biting each other

to have a back to back conversation with someone.

synonyms:claim, persuade, propose

this is showing compare/contrast by their different patterns.

to show someones differences and similarities

Synonyms: distinguish, delineate, differentiate

these football players are determine because they are focused.

to be very focused on something.

synonyms: establish, identity, resolve

this person is drawing a picture that describes his afternoon

to tell something speciifcally

synonyms:illustrate, report, represent

this is showing develop because the kid inside is going to be a big grown man.

to be something small and be big.

synonyms:formulate, generate, elaborate

this person is making a evaluate thought.

to form a idea or a plan.

synonyms:assess, figure out, gauge

this person is explaining something to them

to show and make them know how.

synonyms:clarify, demmonstrate, discuss

this picture is showing imagine something.

to dream about something.

synonyms:predict, hypothesize, anticipate

these two are having a integrate to become better.

synonyms:combine, incorporate, synthesize

this person is doing a interpret.

explain the meaning of.

synonyms: conclude, infer, translate

this person is very organize because he has everything sorted out.

to be very clean and have nothing out of place.


this women is supporting this


this person is to summarize this book.

to tell the main idea of a story


this callipiter is making a transform by changing into a butterfly.



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