Johnny Appleseed By: Makenzie smith and carson lyrberg

Culture of Johnny Appleseed

  • Johnny Appleseed is an American folklore.


  • Johnny Appleseed: He was a wanderer with an unkempt appearance.
  • Hero: Johnny Appleseed
  • Antagonist: the British
  • Protagonist: Johnny Appleseed
  • Unusual Birth: Johnny Appleseed was born during a huge storm in the town of Ipswich, and as soon as he was born the clouds cleared and the sun came up.
  • Call to Adventure: Johnny noticed he had a special talent. He could heal animals and he planted apple seeds everywhere he went.

Plot Synopsis

  1. Johnny Appleseed was a hermit who lived in Ohio. He carried a sack full of apple seeds so he could plant them. He knew the frontier woods better than anyone. Johnny became the Paul Revere of the Ohio territory by protecting the people when the British attacked. He once ran 26 miles to warn the settlers. He became known for his bravery.
  2. Johnny Appleseed was born in a little town called Ipswich. Since he was a child he could always heal animals and he loved apple trees. He wanted apple trees to be planted everywhere. He then set out with a bunch of apple seeds and began to plant them. He traveled across the country and his name became known. Soon there were apple trees everywhere.


The moral of the story is that one person can make a difference, no matter who they are, or what others say.


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