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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

You did it!!

You booked your very own boudoir experIence!

I cannot personally thank you enough for hand selecting and trusting me to be your boudoir photographer. Such an intimate experience requires lots of hard work on both ends, but luckily you are already half way there. Booking your boudoir session is literally THE hardest part of the whole process. I promise. This guide will help to ensure that your session runs as smoothly as it possibly can. Feel free to contact me at any time. Seriously. E-mail me, text me, call me, message me.. I am always here to help and I want to make sure that you're as comfortable and as prepared as possible! No question is a stupid question.

The consultation

The consultation is always the first step in this process. To me its very important to meet you ahead of time. I couldn't imagine going to as intimate as a session boudoir is without knowing the photographer, or the space before hand. We truly get to know one another, and get you comfortable with the studio during our consultation. We also go through the whole planning process. This includes outfit suggestions, what to expect, as well as fully going over our products and our collections!

  • Plan to have your consult 6-8 weeks before your session
  • Do some research into boudoir portraits before your consult. I highly recommend typing boudoir into google, and searching their images!
  • Write down any questions you may have! You'll always forget in the moment
Session Prep List

So we have met each other, shared stories and laughs, planned your session and now what?! Now we wait for your session to happen! There is few things I highly suggest doing before your session to help prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime!

a month before your session

  • Start shop for outfit ideas. Really think about what it is you want to say through these images, and try to find the pieces that encourage that message.
  • All black lingerie is a favorite around here - it's timeless / not to mention super sexy!
  • Don't forget - your birthday suit is always available as a wardrobe option! We aren't shy if you aren't!
  • Save money by using the client wardrobe - you may drop by and look/try on at any time - just let me know and we'll get you in here!
  • Look over the product collections to get an idea of what you're interested in!
  • If you're interested in a payment plan, start saving for your first product payment!
  • Apply for Paypal Credit or another credit line if you'd like a "payment plan" but still get your product asap.
  • Breathe, you will do just fine!

The week before your session

  • If you wax, please make sure to do so in this time frame to avoid red bumps.
  • Make sure your eyebrows are nicely groomed.
  • Spoil yourself! Consider getting your nails done! If you would rather not definitely clean your nails of any dirt or old nail polish
  • Stay out of the sun... Editing red and blotchy skin out of your images is no fun and will result in a longer wait time for you.
  • We do not like spray tans at all! They do not photograph well at all!
  • Drink plenty of water for luminous skin glow.
  • Try on your outfits to make sure they fit you properly.
  • Moisture your body with lotion every day for a full week before your session.
  • Pamper yourself the night before by having a long bath, exfoliating your face and body, and relaxing
  • Make sure your receiving a full night of sleep!
  • Pack your bag and check it twice! You dont want to forget anything!
  • Seriously make sure your breathing!! This is going to be fun!!

I highly recommend coming to the studio in loose fitting clothes.

During your session

When you come in for your session, our professional hair and make up team will be ready to hear your ideas! This process typically takes about 1 - 1.5 hours.

After hair and make up is finish we will begin shooting! I expect to shoot for around 1 hour, and always suggest 2 - 4 outfits or ideas for your session.

Below we have more information about hair and make up, as well as outfit ideas!

A boudoir session isnt just about some GORGEOUS photos. Its a decision to say I am beautiful as I am.
My kick ass team

Rosemonde with Beauty by Rose and Sam with Teased have been my exclusive hair and make up team for the past year! Not only are they both hands down amazing, but they work so well with each other and with my clients its just a magical time. They both believe in my vision and my work, and they are there to pamper and spoil you while you relax before your session!

BEfore and Afters

How to prepare for professional hair and make up

Make sure to wash and fully dry your hair before your session. I suggest washing the night before in that bubble bath you deserve to take! Also remember to come to the studio with a clean no make up face. Throughout the planning process, you can plan for your hair and make up ideas! If you have an idea of what you want bring a photo example with you to show the team! We do have make up removal wipes at the studio if you need some, please just ask!

Outfit Suggestions

COnfidence is the sexiest thing a women can wear

But seriously what should you wear!!

I highly recommend day dreaming about your vision for the session. What is it you are wanting to say with your images?! Are you wanting to be comfortable in your own skin? Are you wanting to step outside your normal and your comfort zones? Do you love lacy things!? Maybe wanted to take it all off?! The world is your oyster and everything is entirely up to you! Over the years I have noticed 3 main catergories when it came to the notorious "what to wear" questions! I have included some of my favorite pieces belows!

Casual Pieces - NAturally Sexy

These casual pieces are the easiest way to dress for your session. You can dress up or down, or super comfortable and still be drool worthy. One of my favorite pieces to shoot is just as simple as a tank top. Imagine your self with no bra in a tank tank play around with the hems just relaxing in your underwear. Its such a natural picture to see in your mind. An everyday occurrence and what I do is I vamp it up with sexy poses and alluring facial instructions and create this amazing vision of you in your every day attire. Its also the easiest to shop for, you may even have these pieces in your closet!

  • T-Shirt
  • Button Down Shirt
  • Crop Top
  • Tank Top
  • Cardigan
  • Bra and Panty Set
  • Jacket

Lingerie - Feminine and out of the norm

Lingerie is not something we wear everyday and in this aspect the idea of being in lingerie is new and exciting. It offers this out of the normal attire mixed with this amazing feeling of just wearing something beautiful and lacy and seductive. I highly suggest thinking of lingerie during your session because its our chance to play dress up in it! I have a few suggestions on pieces as well as wear to shop for them!

  • Teddy - This is by far my most favorite piece of lingerie! Consider it the sexy version of a 1-piece bathing suit. There is a more modest version called a bodysuit that works amazing as well!!
  • Garter Set - This is the perfect way to dress up a bra and panty set! We offer a wide variety of garters and stockings in the studio!
  • Bustier - This is the corsets cousin. It offers amazing boob support while still having the structure of a corset.
  • Corset - While one of my least favorite pieces, I still cannot deny the amazing waist shape a corset gives. I dont recommend this for my smaller breasted females, as it doesnt offer any support up top, only flattening your boobs

"A few things I want to warn against. Its very important your pieces fit you. This goes for casual or lingerie pieces. Ill-fitting pieces will not flatter you during the session. This goes for your bras as well. Highly consider being professionally bra fitted to ensure you are wearing the right size. I don't suggest push up bras during your session, as they are stiff and unmoving when we pose. I highly recommend bralettes, they are form fitting, sexy, and quite honestly amazingly comfy! I also do not suggest a baby doll lingerie piece. While these seem really pretty, they don't flatter your figure at all during the session."









Boudoir by Little Miss Reds Photography offers an amazing Client closet in the studio. This is a great way for you to browse options you can burrow during your session. All pieces are professionally cleaned between shoots to ensure high sanitary standards. I offer pieces from Size 2 to Size 22, in both casual and lingerie styles. I also have shoes sizes 5.5 to 10, as well as various jewelry pieces.

Getting NAked is the most confident thing you can do

Can I start off by saying being naked is completely free. No money required and you will be less stressed worrying about an outfit! This is what I suggest to those who want to really step out of their comfort zone. You do not have to show anything, or you can show everything. As per my artistic vision I do not shoot any crotch images. So if you choose to go full nude, understand your lady parts will remain private! With Nudes you can do implied nudes where you arent showing anything, semi nudes where you can go topless or bottomless, as well as full nudes.

Your Viewing Party

After your session is over I will ask you what your availability is like for the following 1 - 3 weeks after your session! Invite your friends, or come solo, and we go over your images from your session!! The greatest part is, like your session, its all about you! Most clients choose their products at this party. Once you have picked it out, we will then plan the images to go with the products of your dreams!


"Like It" Collection - 700

8x8 Album

Your Choice of Viewfinder or 5 digital images

$400 in savings!

"LovE IT" Collection (Our Most Popular Collection) - 1000

8x8 Album of your choice

20 digital images

$800 in savings!

"Gotta Have it!" Collection - 2000

10x10 album of your choice

Full gallery access

$300 in credit towards addition products

$1100 in Savings!

I offer the option to purchase products a La Carte

Luxury Albums

10x10 Antique Album - 1000

8x8 Antique Album - 800

8x8 Legend Album - 800

LEatherette ALbum

10x10 album with 35 images - 800

10x10 album with 25 images - 750

8x8 album with 35 images - 700

8x8 album with 25 images - 650

6x6 album with 35 images - 500

6x6 album with 25 images - 450

Digital Images

Full Gallery - 1800

20 Images - 1000

5 Images - 400

Specialty PRoducts

Metal line glass photo box with 20 mounted 5x7 prints - 500

Retro Viewfinder - 300

8x10 table top print - 125

3x3 accordion album - 200

Wall Art options starting at 175

Lets talk about money money money!!

I get that a boudoir session is a luxury experience, and as it should be! You are worth every goddamned penny! I also get that not everyone has the budget to be able to afford such a kick ass experience in one shot, so I have created the Boudie Bank Payment Plan!

Essentially, we piece together your dream session during your consultation and you make payments towards the total cost. This payment plan allows us to extend your payment period 1-6 months after your session. Once your total in paid in full we would then order your product and hand deliver them to you. Its the best way to get everything you want, while allowing yourself to make easier payments on it.

YEs you can have everything you want!!
COmmonly Asked Questions
  1. Are my images going to be public: This choice is completely up to you. I dont even ask if you would consider signing a model release until the date of your session. If you choose to give me permission you will never be publically tagged in any of the images. Most clients enjoy giving me permission to post sneak peeks up in my private group, but this is also completely your choice!
  2. Where are you located/Where does the session take place: So this is the fun part! While my studio is located at 816 Orapax St in norfolk, I dont have to have your session there. Have a special outdoor location? Dont have a special location but want outdoors? Want to do them in your own home?? We can do whatever you want!
  3. What is your favorite outfit suggestion? Anything black is my favorite! I truly do not believe you can have too much black! I do think it all depends on the person for the outfit though. My favorite casual piece is a looser deeper v neck tshirt with no bra, and my favorite lingerie piece is a black lacy teddy! I think both those options are super sexy and provocative!

Feel free to suggest more questions!!

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