Fantastic Summer Programs and Where to find them (11-14 years) AT cilre, of course

Paper Engineering

Engineering is using information to design or build something. In this session children will get an opportunity to build some simple mechanisms. They will use just paper and glue to build these. This will build a toy around the mechanism they made. This will give children an opportunity to peek into what engineering is. They will also explore paper as a versatile medium and new perspective and how they can be used.

  • Age: 11-14 Years
  • Category: Art, Engineering


Headlines is a workshop on community journalism. Children will explore the roles of a journalist like gathering information, taking pictures, interviewing, writing articles, editing. As part of this workshop children will be making a local journal of the community

  • Age: 11-14 years
  • Category: Literature, Social Awareness


This is a workshop that explores the works of classic and popular English Authors from Shakespeare to Rowling. Children will explore their themes, styles, characters of the writers. They will compare, critique, dramatise their works to get a deeper insight into them

  • Age: 11-14 years
  • Category: Literature

United Nations

As young adults, it is this time children start exploring ideas of government. This workshops dives deep into the idea of government - its roles, the various forms they take across the world. They will find out about these systems through role plays, simulated activities and connecting with current situations

  • Age: 11-14 years
  • Category: Social Awareness

Street Theater

Street theater may be a simple art form, but the skills required are in no way simple. They are typically used as a form to communicate a message to a communicate but in a powerful way. In this workshop children will explore the skills needed specifically for street theater. They will also work on putting up some street performances

  • Age: 11-14 years
  • Category: Theater

Mr X

To understand something well, you should program it - This is a latest way to learn new things. Mr X is a workshop that explores physics through programming. Children will use programming to simulate physics concepts to get a better understanding of them. They will also explore some exisiting physics engines to make their own games and programs.

  • Age: 11-14 years
  • Category: Science, Programming


Alchemy is a chemical engineering workshop that explores the use of chemicals in various facets of our life. From molecular gastronomy to cosmetics, children will get a chance to make exciting things using chemicals. This will give an insight into how interesting, fun and relevant chemistry is as a subject to our daily life

  • Age: 11-14 years
  • Category: Engineering, Science


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