TentropLia Peace in a place of nature, heAlth In a place of prosperity

Utopia by Chloe Knight


- You will either live in a log cabin or a brick home

- You can also live in the water though it is not recommended because you will also need a house on land as well.

- No one is allowed to live within a quarter of an acre of their neighbor

Tentropilia will only be able to sustain aproximently 40 families on 100 acres.

A day in the life at Tentroplia

-get up eat breakfast with your family for one hour

- then you will go to school or work for the next 4 hours and then everyone will have the same hour off for lunch

- then after lunch hour is over you will go to work for 4 more hours or school for 3 more hours after lunch as well

- dinner hour will be more lenient then the earlier hours.

Technology and medicine

-Don't expect any advancements for cell phones or other technology.

-Most technology is not allowed. Only essenchal things.

-There will only be medical advancements in the community.

-Some technology gets in the way.

Religion & food choices

- you will be required to Catholic

- you are also required to be pescaterian (you eat fish)


- you will start school at the age of 4 (learn the essenchal things needed to get by as well as the basics of each job)

- take a test at ten to determine your best interests

- two careers will be recommended and you will choose which you would like most

-Further training will be needed

The main purpose of the community is to keep the environment as close to the way it was first given to us

But we will still prosper with respecting the environment

Any questions?

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