The Olympics The sports that are done forever

Swimming obstacle course

the swimming obstacle originated in the 1900 olympic games and ended in the very same year as no one wanted to do it any more

regular swimming

the race would start with a jump of a boat and they haft to keep on going over and under boats and then near the haft way mark they would haft to climb a pole and then jump and keep on doing the same thing while swimming 200 meters in the Seine.

the sport was only held once so the only world record holder and winner of the gold was Frederick Lane from the u.k and there wasn't really any popular athletes in this sport

**** the race was held outside cause it was to big to hold inside ****this sporting/swimming event was held only once at the 1900 Olympics ****the sport will not be held anymore because it was to dangerous

The men's 200 metre obstacle event was an event in the 1900 Summer Olympics held in Paris. The 1900 Games were the only occasion such an event was held. It was held on 11 August and 12 August 1900. Twelve swimmers from five nations competed.

the event was very short lived as it only happened once in the 1900 Olympics and it took a lo0ng while for them to kinda set up the whole thing like 5 days to set up haft of it

the sport of Dressage or also called horse dancing is where horse and rider are expected to perform from memory a series of predetermined movements such as jumping,dancing,crossing one leg over the other.

its the only sport in the Rio Olympics that had opposing sex battle for the medal men .VS. woman the gold medalest of the event is Federico Grisone for the best horsemanship

/////////only sport in rio where men and woman vs each other for the gold //////// the horses get killed right after the competition //////////// the horses they have are very old

they would judge on as point scaleing of 1 to 10

10 Excellent

9 Very good

8 Good

7 Fairly good

6 Satisfactory

5 Marginal

4 Insufficient

3 Fairly Bad

2 Bad

1 Very bad

0 Not executed

Dressage's training scale as presented below is a translation from the German to the English. As such, it is possibly not as accurate as it could be. It has been suggested, for example, that might be more accurately as Suppleness.

to add just onr more extra sport this one is called plunge for distance its wherethe diver would not move while the plunges in to water from a high dive they would give the gold to who ever made it down the furthest.Divers could not propel themselves through the water after the initial dive as they were required to remain motionless.

when i searched up the strange sports this was the only one held in america in Missouri where William Dickey an american took the gold away in the home land.

.........USA created the sport and it was only used once

.......the sporting event stopped because people were not interested in it

........most people thought the gold medalist cheated by surgery to help him


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