Tattoos on the heart book project By: joey huliska

Tattoos on the Heart by Father Gregory Boyle is a book about is about the touching and humorous stories of gang members in the attempt to change there lives through Homeboy Industries. Through the nine astonishing chapters here in the next slides are some of the stories from their journey.
Chapter 1 God, I guess : Mike Wallace comes into Gregory's office with multiple gang members. He says "can I admit something to you?" He then sits down and says "You won't turn these guys in to the police." He then questions it to the gang members and one of them speaks up to say "God... I guess." This is powerful because he goes for a life of crime to hope and faith for god.
Chapter 2 Dis- Grace : Carmen is a girl who is worn by heroin and the street life. She comes in the office to say "I need help." She talks about how she's been to 50 rehabs and she's known all over... nationwide. She leans back until the back of her head meets the wall and her eyes fill with tears she then looks at Gregory and says "" This is a touching moment because she faces her problems head on and realizes her wrong doings and wants to correct them.
Chapter 3 Compassion: Father Gregory goes to Hollenbeck Middle School where they would just play games on computers and just hoping for attention from adults. So he asked "what did you learn today that you didn't know before" and one kid says "I learned not to pick on girls." Fr.G says "how'd you learn that?" And the kid replies with "I got slapped." This was one of my favorite stories because it is so simple you so empowering by its humor and its harsh meaning


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