2017 Its Going to be a year of growth, multiplication and increase in jesus name. The best is yet to come.

Lessons from the Lord for 2017

Jesus feeds 5000 men

1. Structure

Jesus tells the disciples to organize the 5000 men into groups of 50. Lesson: He establishes structure. Without structure, our ability to function in an organized way is near impossible.

2. Speaking blessing produces multiplication

Jesus looks up to heaven and blesses ( speaks well of ). The bread and fish multiplies. He is not moved by what He has in His hand. He speaks well of. What we say in faith will either hinder our growth or be the reason for growth in 2017.

3. Kingdom Order & Culture of Honor

Jesus doesn't feed the people Himself. He breaks the bread and fish and gives it to His disciples. They break it further and feed the people. There is specific Kingdom order and when this order is honored, everyone is blessed and receive spiritual food. Practically, if our facilitators do not honour Cindy and I and receive from us, it's equivalent to dishonoring the Lord. You cannot dishonor your leaders and think you are honoring God. Similarly, if the people in your LIFE groups cannot honour and receive from the facilitators, they are disregarding Kingdom order and they'll starve spiritually. When we honour our leaders, we position ourselves to receive. We MUST ensure we are all aligned. Pastor Ian and Cindy fully aligned to the Lord and our spiritual covering. Facilitators to be fully aligned to Pastor Ian and Cindy. There will be unity in the church when there's unity in the leadership.

4. Stewardship

12 baskets of left overs were collected and taken up. 12 is a specific number. Jesus still required that nothing be wasted. We will account for everything we do in the Lord. Measurements and stewardship structures are being put in place and everyone in TCM will be accountable. We cannot appear before the Lord and not account for what He has entrusted to us


  1. Starts Wed 11 Jan at all locations
  2. Pastor Ian and Cindy will Pastor and provide visionary leadership to all locations
  3. Pastor Ian and Cindy will be responsible for the ministry of the Word weekly and the preparation of content for Sunday messages and weekly LIFE content.
  4. Facilitators will be responsible for facilitating LIFE groups and ensure the Word received from Pastor Ian is administered to the churches faithfully.
  5. Facilitators will be responsible for completing weekly LIFE reports to be sent to Pastor Cindy for consolidation. We will use these reports to track how we are growing in new visitors, salvations, baptisms, members and weekly attendance.
  6. Believers at all locations to gather twice a week as a minimum ( can be more but no less than twice a week ) Typically midweek for LIFE and Sunday's for Celebration.
  7. Believers Sunday gatherings to be characterized by praise & worship, communion, tithes and offerings, the ministry of the Word and altar call ( Pastor Ian via video ), closing off. Fellowship around refreshments pre and post service.
  8. Believers midweek LIFE gatherings to be characterized by Welcome, Worship, Word ( specifically around Sunday Word by Pastor Ian ) and Witness ( praying for and reaching out to the lost )

What's New

  1. TCM will fall under the Rivers Network of churches from 2017. Rivers are part of the Hillsong Family of Churches so Pastor Cindy and I are honoured to be connected to the grace of Rivers Church and the awesome leadership of Pastor Andre and Wilma Olivier and Hillsong Network. Through association, we access certain graces! Glory to Jesus! The grace we serve and sit under will be the grace you receive.
  2. We are looking to launch TCM Colesberg for public, weekly worship services on 1 October 2017.
  3. Our website is almost live, our church app will be available for download on Android, Windows and Apple platforms mid Feb. We're excited to get the Gospel out to more people through creative media platforms to expand our reach. We will not stop until the Gospel reaches as many people as possible through every possible means!

Focus Areas Jan, Feb and March

  1. LIFE Groups - Weekly Midweek
  2. Sunday Gatherings - Weekly Sunday
  3. Pastors and Facilitators Retreat in Bloemfontein ( Sat 29 Jan 09:00 - 16:00 )
  4. Each LIFE group to grow by at least 2 new baptized and planted believers per month.


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