children at war By isabella & stephania

During world war 2

children would help just like the others during this war. For example, the children during the war would collect metal they would also leave school to work. This would mean the children wouldn't be getting the education they need and deserve. During this war many kids were starving and facing the same challenges as their parents. This means that the children in this war didn't get to have an actual childhood.

a young child collecting metal during the war.

Also, during the war many children went missing or were taken. For example, about 140,000 polish children were taken from their homes in the soviet-occupied of Poland. Another thing was children were also the victims of random bombings. City where the children lived in or were at would sometime be bombed and the children whom happen to be their would become victims of the bombs.

a city which had been bombed with injury or dead people.

By the time the war ended many children were left without a home about 13 million children lucky close by countries like France for example took in about 250,000 children

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