Nicola Sacco By:grayson basinger

Nicola Sacco was a 29 year old man born in 1891 who murdured 2 people at a armed shoe company robbery. Sacco originally came from Italy but the emigrated to America at the age of 17. Sacco was a shoemaker in Italy and came to America wanting money so him and he's friend Vanzetti who he met in America who also wanted cash started planning a robbery. So they came up with a plan that they were going to rob a shoe company. Sacco and Vanzetti murdured 2 people which is a guard and a paymaster moving boxes for the shoe company. Sacco and Vanzetti got in there car and drove off. The car was found in woods nearby a couple of days later. Vanzetti was a participant in another robbery on a different shoe company. Both were guilty in 1921 and both were sentenced to death they died by the electric chair 6 years later.

“Supporters of the two men believed they were victims of a deeply ingrained prejudice against immigrants and radicals.”-Nicola Sacco

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