Canada 2041 By: Devshree


Canada has been given the warning notice that there are many issues happening within itself. Problems have always been occurring in the past, but now these problems are continuing to rise. My name is Devshree, and I have been selected to be a youth minister, to work on a major project called "A Sustainable Future for Canada". Thank you for choosing me to become one of the leaders to change Canada for the better. I hope you consider my big plans and solutions in order to make Canada more sustainable by the year 2041.

The Environment

The urban area is spreading quickly around Canada. There are many cities that are being constructed on important green space and rural land that we need. Therefore the percentage of the rural area is very little. The more urban cities we build, the more people that are attracted to immigrate into Canada. If there is such a large number of people then the amount of waste that is produced will increase rapidly. More waste that is created will harm the environment. The toxic gasses from landfills will infiltrate our air,

Much of our garbage that we produce is just thrown onto the land such as the sidewalk or the grass. Another problem is that we are building too much, and our environment is decreasing too fast. To help these issues I have come up with a solution which is to place many green belts around Canada. The Green belt is an organization where the founders figure out places in Ontario which need their help. Once they find their location is picked they mark that area and it is now protected by the Government. If anyone goes beyond the green belt area, such as throwing litter on that specific land, or they walk onto it, those people will be fined $1 500 or more. If more of these green belts are all around Canada protecting our land, then people will not be allowed to trespass the area which will help our environment grow.


There are too many people that are immigrating into Canada. This affects our environment and causes the health of it to fairly decrease over time. Also with the sudden rise in population because of all the immigrants moving into Canada, there will be more demands for jobs. There is a lack of job opportunities for the people who are already living here. If more people immigrate into our country, many people will be end up being jobless.

Building Apartments

The percentage of the amount of people living in rural areas has greatly decreased. This makes one thing clear, that the small cities that were in the past are now growing very rapidly into major big cities. Many people immigrate here for a better future, for better jobs and in order to get a good salary. But there is beginning to be a sudden increase in the population. If there is too many people, it creates our communities to become a lot more clustered and crowded. These large cities make homes for thousands of people, but with that big of a community there needs to be some solutions on how to help Canada not turn into a polluted urban area.

Building more apartments, and condos will improve our environments health level. When building buildings up towards the sky, such as condos, there will be a lot more space saved to create more helpful areas such as hospitals or schools where children can learn. And overall we could also have more green space to balance out our pollutant air and environment. The land can be less clustered by building more apartments. This is because there will be less detached houses crowding one area, and more green space between each building.


Almost all of Canada is all cities and urban areas., therefore with more. Everything we humans do, depends on the use of a lot of energy. Much of that energy is non - renewable and unnecessarily wasted. From keeping our room lights on and heating up our house, to the major factories using triple that amount of energy. All humans ecological footprint is approximately between 6-7 soccer fields, but many people surpass that limit. If we continue to waste energy at the same rate we are wasting right now, there will be major negative affects to our environment.

A major solution is to have automatic on/off energy and electric source in all buildings. Such as a heating source in buildings which will automatically shut off after a given time. Also, automatic lights. This will help a lot because a majority of people leave their lights on for hours wasting an unnecessary amount of energy. By having automatic on/off electric and energy sources there will be a big improvement in the large amount of energy we uselessly consume.

Electric Motorcycles And Cars

There has begin to be a major growth in the size of urban cities, thus having buildings more spread apart than before. This makes it hard for people to walk to their destinations such as to the grocery stores or to school. Many people do not have time to walk to places, therefore this forces people to end up driving their cars everywhere. This increases the amount of pollution and toxic carbon gasses that are being pumped into the air, harming the public, the environment and the animals. Humans have been using cars forever since the invention of cars came out, which means they won't be able to stop using cars.


Canada has very rich land filled with many resources that allows our Primary Industries to thrive. But with the population of Canada suddenly growing, we are building more technology based cities to sustain that large number of people. Which means most of the population have jobs in the office, in large buildings, all immersed in technology. They are leaving out the job opportunities available in resource industries. With less people working in those industries, we gain less resources, thus creating many problems for the communities. We are not getting much of the resources, minerals and materials that are found on our vast land because the majority of people prefer to work in high-technology.

Forestry is one of the many Primary Industries available in Canada

We need to get more people working in the various Primary industries. We can reward people who decide to work in any of the Primary industries, by giving them a higher salary. If we can get more of the population to start working in the Primary job areas, the amount of resources we gain back will increase quickly. Once we start getting more resources, we will have more goods to ship, sell, and trade with other countries. Which means we will gain more money to make Canada better. I will have to talk to the government because this is a big plan. I need to have the government understand that this will be a good investment towards our own country. Also, we would need to create advertisements and large billboard signs. In order for people to notice this grand offer, we need to discuss this plan to all the 12 other provinces, and find ways to attract more people to be able to work.


Thank you for looking over my plan to change Canada for it to become more sustainable by 2041. Hope you consider my solutions to help you in this big project.


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